You Can Get A Geodesic Dome Tent For A ‘Posher’ Camping Experience

Camping season has officially started and it’s most likely that you’ve had your camping plans all listed down. If your option is to rent a luxury glamping pod on Airbnb then we’ve got a better option to offer. Why not get your very own geodesic dome tent so you can go glamping whenever and wherever you feel like it? Also called glamping pod, the geo-dome is a sleek semi-permanent structure that offers serious space and comfort for all types of accommodation. This sleek and cool-looking abode is the modern way to let us enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style.

This geodesic dome tent can be set up easily almost anywhere. From oceanfront cliffs to mountaintops, even on your own backyard or garden. This spacious pod features a solid construction made of steel framework and heavy duty polyester cover. Unlike a traditional tent, this sturdy dome can withstand heavy rain or snow loads which makes it suitable for year round use. And of course, glamping pods are mostly distinguished for their panoramic, skylight windows. So, you can stargaze at night before going to sleep and wake up to watch the sunrise.


Geodesic Dome Tent

geodesic dome tent

Take note that this geodesic dome tent doesn’t arrive fully-assembled but rather as a set that requires assembly. But never worry because the set includes everything you need to put this whole thing up along with assembly diagram and manual. The set includes steel frame, polyester cover with skylight windows and vents. It also includes securement screws, bolts, and all necessary materials to fasten and secure the components.

glamping pod


glamping pod interior


geodesic dome tent all weather shelter

The high quality polyester cover is both waterproof and weatherproof to keep the occupants safe and cozy inside. It also provides protection against harmful UV radiation. The high tensile membrane cover is also resistant to wear and tear. The entire structure can be anchored to a concrete or wooden floor without the need for deep, traditional concrete foundations. Its resilience to extreme weather and even earthquakes also makes this geodesic dome tent a great alternative to tiny homes for those who want to live off the grid.

geodesic dome tent panoramic window


geodesic dome tent interior


glamping pod polyester cover

The interior of this glamping pod can be partitioned as you please. Assign an area for your bedroom and living room so you can kick back while enjoying the view outside. You can also equip it with a portable oven or wood- burning stove to complete the kitchen area. This geodesic dome tent can also be connected to an existing electric and water supply, even to an eco-digester system or a septic tank to complete your all year-round living space. It is available in 3 different sizes: small (16.4ft), medium (19.7ft), and large (23ft).

glamping pod all year round living space


geodesic dome tent wooden floor

Source: Amazon