30 Everyday Things Worn Down Over Time That Tell Interesting Stories

Time can be a friend or a foe. But in the end, everything will succumb to the test of time. Just as living things age and grow older, non-living things will also deteriorate and decompose in time. No matter how durable these things are, they will eventually face decrepitude. Along with the unbeatable force of time, other factors such as weather, friction, and repeated usage can also lead to wear and tear. And just as humans age gracefully with time, some things also change, in a rather intriguing way, as they’re slowly worn down by time.

Indeed, time has a way to fascinate us through the gradual changes it makes on the things around us. For these things, being worn down by time is a manifestation of their long standing existence. And we can’t help but look at them in awe. More importantly, there’s an interesting story behind each of these worn down objects which makes them more beautiful. Here are some photos to show that there is beauty in things worn down by weather, gravity, friction, human usage, and of course, time.

“My Brother And I Each Received Identical Teddy Bears When We Were Born. I Loved Mine Just A Bit More…”

This Dog’s Favorite Spot

Good Boy Spotted In Prague

“The Glass Globe Of This Light Focused The Sunlight Enough To Burn The Suns Path In The Grass”

“Moving Around Dumbells With My Foot Wore My Shoes Into Showing My Foots Skeletal Pattern”

“The Way The Sun Has Weathered This Sign So It Looks Like Its Heavy Metal Style”

The Cover Of George Orwell’s, “1984,” Becomes Less Censored With Wear

“The Flooring In The Waiting Area At This Pizzeria Is So Worn You Can See The Old Floor”

“Pigment Stripped From Leaf Because It Spent So Much Time In A Pool”

“My Girlfriend’s Cat Paces Using The Same Steps Each Day”

14 Years Of Scratches

“Cobb’s Mat From Eager Tapping When He Hears The Car Pull Up”

“My Sheaffer Reminder Ballpoint Pen. This Has Been In My Pocket Every Weekday For The Last 15 Years. It Used To Belong To My Grand-Father. I Know He Used It Because The Brass Was Already Starting To Wear Through When I Got It. They Still Make The Refills For It”

“The Wire Has Worn Into This Rock After Years Of Hikers Walking Over It”

“My Dad Has Had The Same Wallet For So Long His Driver’s License Photo Is Imprinted On The Plastic”

“The Comparison Of Right Handed And Left Handed People At My High School”

“Our Local Barber Has Been In Business For As Long As I Can Remember. The Metal Floor Is Worn Down Where He Walks Round The Only Chair Each Day”

“These Knives At My Work Have Been Used So Much They’re Almost Gone”

“All The Letters On My Gf’s Lotion Bottle Started Falling Off”

This Wall Broke Exposing Years Of Layers Of Paint

“My Mom Bought The Same Stuffed Animal For My Sister In Case She Lost It. After 16 Years, We Found All Four Of Them”

“My Grandma’s Carpet After Moving Her Bed For The First Time In 60 Years”

Fake Door At IKEA

Store Doorbell

“This Key After 10 Years Of Entering Orders At My Grandmothers Shop”

“I’ve Worn Each Hole In This Belt”

Staples From Posters After Four Decades

“The Wear Indicators On My Tires Show A Percentage Representative Of The Amount Of Tread Left”

“Fax Machine/Scanner Used So Heavily, The Paper Has Cut The Plastic Over Time”

Stairs Built In 1829 vs. 2005