This Bicycle Seat Belt Lets You “Go Down With The Ship”

It’s no secret that riding a bicycle brings a variety of benefits, not just to our health but to the environment as well. However, we could all probably agree that it’s certainly not an easy feat. With just two wheels, it can get a bit challenging to find your balance. Thus, exposing you to harm and injuries. Luckily, you can now get a bicycle seat belt to help keep you safe as you pedal to your destination.

This safety buckle features tough adjustable belts and a one-click release button. It also comes with grommeted mounting holes and custom installation hardware, so you can easily mount it onto your bike. As per the packaging, it can accommodate riders up to 400 pounds and has been speed tested to 48 mph. So, it’s sure to protect you from some of the most common causes of bike accidents, including ravines, wheelies, and automobiles.

bicycle seat belt prank gift box front


bicycle seat belt prank gift box back

Well, to be fair, if seat belts are essential for four-wheeled vehicles, then it should be no different for two-wheelers. Aside from bikes, this safety strap is also suitable for watercraft and basically any situation where you may find it difficult to maintain your balance. In fact, you can even use it with barstools for those tipsy nights!

bike safety strap prank gift box details product benefits


bike safety strap prank gift box details product features

By now, you’re probably thinking that this is such an absurd and impractical idea. Well, indeed, seat belts don’t contribute much to the safety of cyclists. In fact, they can even pose more danger in the event of an actual accident. So, it’s a good thing that it’s just a prank gift idea! Nevertheless, we bet its deceptively credible “packaging” will be enough to boggle the minds of your biker buddies.

prank-o bicycle seat belt prank gift box


bicycle seat belt gag gift box


Pull the biggest prank on your cyclist friends by hiding your real gift inside this bicycle seat belt gag gift box!

Made of high-quality, 100% recyclable cardboard, this gift box measures 11.25″ x 9″ x 3.25″. So, it can fit a variety of actually useful and practical gifts. Regardless of what’s inside, we bet they’ll appreciate your gift of laughter the most!

gag gift box recipient confused reaction


gag gift box recipient amused reaction

One happy buyer wrote:

“This was hilarious! This box fooled not only the gift recipient, but also all the gullible adults who were there. So funny, everyone roared with laughter. Made for a great day and will likely buy a variety of the boxes for others as well.”

Source: Amazon