This Collapsible Camping Kettle Can Be Folded Down Flat For Easy Storage And Portability

No one could simply survive the outdoors without access to hot water. That’s why this collapsible camping kettle is specifically designed with ultimate portability for camping or hiking. There are several ways to heat water on a camping trip, and yes, you can even boil water in a can when there’s nothing else you can use around. But there’s just something about using an actual kettle while camping that makes the experience a lot better. Having hot water to make hot drinks, sterilize things, cook and wash dishes is essential for camping and other backpacking situations. This makes a kettle an indispensable item to bring on outdoor expeditions.

But there’s just one problem with bringing an actual kettle to camping though. It isn’t the most compact thing to take along with you. With its stout shape, it can take up a lot of space in your backpack. Enter the collapsible kettle – you can now have access to hot water without the extra burden of hauling bulky equipment. It features a foldable design that allows you to fold it down into a compact size. So, you can easily squeeze it into your backpack without taking up a lot of room.


Collapsible Camping Kettle

collapsible camping kettle

Enjoy your hot coffee, tea or soup on your camping trip without extra weight and space. This lightweight camping kettle features a durable and flexible silicone body that stretches up and folds all the way down. It has a heat-resistant steel base and sturdy handle with a built-in lock mechanism for safe handling. This 42-oz foldable teapot comes with a sealed lid to keep the content hot for longer and free from dirt.

silicone teapot


silicone teapot steel base


silicone teapot sealed lid


collapsible camping kettle handle lock

This collapsible kettle works best on a portable mini stove or an induction cooktop. If you’re going to use it on a gas stove or open fire stove, make sure that the fire doesn’t reach the silicone part. This space-saving camping utensil is available in colors blue and green. It is made of food grade silicone and is dishwasher safe. A customer review reads:

“Absolutely perfect for camping if you’re trying to pack as many essentials as possible in the smallest space available. I was nervous when I saw it about using it on a propane cook stove with the open style flame but we had zero issues with it. I’d highly recommend this product is you want portability, flexibility, and versatility!”

collapsible camping kettle colors


collapsible camping kettle lock handle


collapsible camping kettle silicone


silicone teapot foldable silicone


silicone teapot 42-oz


silicone teapot green silicone


collapsible camping kettle silicone blue

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