For Your Next Garden Party You Could Rent An Inflatable Irish Pub

For some people, summertime screams outdoor parties with lots of booze. Indeed, summer is their only opportunity to spend hours of garden parties, day and night. Of course, outdoor parties aren’t complete without ice cold beers and sparkling cocktails. When summer ends, it also marks the end of outdoor parties. The moment cold weather starts to kick in, everyone will be forced to go inside. But don’t let this stop the fun. You can still keep the party rolling with this inflatable Irish pub that lets you set up a party right on your backyard. Now you can continue partying like it is summer all year round.

paddy wagon inflatable irish pub

Boston’s first ever inflatable pub, the Paddy Wagon Pub offers a line of inflatable spacious bars that can be set up anywhere. As we all know it, Boston is the hub of the Irish American community. Of course, Irish pub is an integral part of this community as this is the place where neighbors come together to mingle. Irish pubs are characterized by Irish culture that provide a casual and friendly ambience. This establishment also offers traditional Irish foods, beers, Irish sports, and traditional Irish music. The Paddy Wagon Pub wants to share the Irish experience with you. That is why they put this inflatable Irish pub up for rent. Now you can bring the Irish experience to your garden parties, family gatherings, corporate events, or wedding occasions.

paddy wagon inflatable irish pub for rent

You can rent this inflatable Irish pub and bring it right to your backyard for any occasion

paddy wagon inflatable irish pubs

This inflatable Irish pub features a fake brick façade, imprinted lamps, and a faux fireplace to give that authentic Irish atmosphere. When fully inflated, it can accommodate up to 80 guests. Apart from the portable inflatable bar, the Paddy Wagon Pub also provides catering services to your events. It is fully insured with certified catering staff to serve an array of traditional Irish staples such as sandwiches, beef stew, curry fries, and shepherd’s pies. Along with the Irish foods are Irish beers such as Irish Stout and domestic micro brews.

paddy wagon inflatable irish pub facade


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub fake fireplace


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub interior


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub irish foods


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub entrance


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub beers

As mentioned earlier, Irish pubs also serve as a place where guests can sing and dance along with traditional music. When you rent this inflatable Irish pub, it also comes with an entertainment option of your choice. Choose what type of entertainment suits you most – session band, modern DJ, traditional live music, or Irish dancers. If you’re a dog lover, you can also opt to rent an Irish Wolfhound to join the party.

paddy wagon inflatable irish pub live music


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub live musician


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub dancers


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub wolfhound


You can bring this inflatable Irish pub right to your lawn. Just make sure to make enough room for this 30 feet by 30 feet portable bar. If you want to book for an event, contact the Paddy Wagon Pub on their website and fill out the booking form. You’ll need to discuss the details with their staff so they can provide you with a range of options for your budget.

paddy wagon inflatable irish pub interior design


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub exterior


paddy wagon inflatable irish inside


paddy wagon inflatable irish pub backyard bar

Source: The Paddy Wagon Pub | Facebook