Saddening Confessions From Cheating Spouses

Anyone who has ever had the awful experience of being cheated on knows the impact the act can have on a person. Of course, there are many reasons that a person will cheat, some you might even think are justified. Sadly there are also many people that have partners who are being unfaithful to them that are completely unaware of the betrayal. Here we have a list of saddening confessions from cheating spouses. Some of them are utterly shocking! Take a look!
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What a sad situation for the husband to be in. It’s admirable to want to put the kids first but this situation sounds like it will involve a lot of misery. 

This may seem pretty heartless but more information is needed. Is the husband abusive? Not around?

This isn’t really something to brag about in our opinion. 

For many people, cheating feels like a huge one off mistake. But, this isn’t always the case… 

We would have to disagree, unfortunately. 

That’s a hell of a lot of emotions! 

At least this person recognizes that they need help.

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Let her go and be with someone who wants her. 

The term ‘side chicks’ makes us cringe so hard. 

We wonder whether this was what she genuinely wanted or if she just didn’t want her marriage to end…

We would be more scared of wasting our life with the wrong person… 

This is incredibly selfish. 

We need more information to make a judgement on this! 

Only time will tell whether trust will exist again…