This DIY Backyard Pergola With Built-In Fire Pit Is The Perfect Summer Edition

Summer is fast approaching, as evident from hotter weather and warmer nights. And what is the best way to spend our summer nights? We can gather round a fire pit while making s’mores. Or we can simply lounge on porch swings while we peacefully gaze at the stars in the night sky. Now, how about doing both? We can sit on porch swings while making s’mores using a fire pit. This DIY backyard pergola will make your ideal summer night happen. Moreover, it’s not just a pergola with porch swings surrounding a fire pit. It also has Adirondack chairs near the fire pit,  a built-in bar, and a movie screen.

diy backyard pergola lauren ashworth

Lauren Ashworth of Little White House Blog decided to build a backyard set where her family and friends can come together. With the help of her husband Brett, they began to build an outdoor oasis with a $2,300 budget. It took the couple two weeks to finish the project. Looking at it now, you might think that it was built by professional builders. But Lauren and her husband encourage other beginner builders to create their own DIY backyard pergola too. With a creative mind and a little construction skills, anyone can make their perfect outdoor oasis.

Lauren’s backyard pergola has everything you need to make your summer night party perfect. You and your friends can enjoy some wines at its built-in bar. Additionally, you can attach a monitor on the rectangular frame to watch your favorite movies while you cool down. Lastly, you can add some outdoor lights and let them hang over the posts.

diy backyard pergola

Just like Lauren, you can also create your own DIY backyard pergola and add other features according to your preference. If you’re not into star-gazing, you can place a roof to give you a shade during sunny days. Or you can lay concrete slabs as a foundation to your pergola if you’re uncomfortable with the grassy ground. The possibility is endless and your imagination is your only limit.

lauren ashworth diy backyard pergola
Lauren Ashworth | Instagram