You Can Get A 9Ft ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Inflatable For Your Front Yard

Ready to ‘blow up’ the spooky season this year? All you need to do is place this towering The Nightmare Before Christmas inflatable in your yard. So, you can bring one of the most iconic scenes in the history of horror films right in front of your home. And of course, be ready to become the talk of the town. This yard décor stands 9 feet tall! So, it’s impossible to miss this spectacular display even from a distance.

The Nightmare Before Christmas inflatable reenacts the most unforgettable scene from the movie. It features our beloved Jack Skellington sitting on top of Spiral Hill with a sweet-creepy smile on his face. He is holding a blown-up spider web while his ghost-dog Zero cheerfully sits on a pumpkin at the foot of the hill. This is a self-inflating lawn décor equipped with an internal fan. So, there’s no need to bother using an air pump to inflate the entire thing. Simply stake it down and plug it in, no sweat setting it up.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Inflatable

the nightmare before christmas inflatable

And when it gets dark outside, the real magic unfolds. The Nightmare Before Christmas inflatable creates a dazzling light show with a kaleidoscopic colorful lights swirling around the Spiral Hill. Jack, Zero, and the pumpkins also glow to light up and bring your outdoor space to life at night. It also comes with stakes and tethers included so you can easily set it up and secure it to the ground.

This mesmerizing Halloween décor is made of water-resistant polyester with multi-colored LED lights securely installed inside. And since The Nightmare Before Christmas also counts as a Christmas movie, you can just let this inflatable stay on your yard until the Yuletide season. We’re pretty sure Santa wouldn’t mind sharing his space with the Pumpkin King.

the nightmare before christmas inflatable light up

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