This Wooden Train Crib Comes With A ‘Coal Car’ With Drawers And Diaper Changing Station

Welcoming a baby into one’s family is no easy feat. A lot of work goes into ensuring the health of both the mother and child, preparing the baby’s nursery and much more. Most expectant parents would rather shop for most of the things their baby would need in its early years. But there are also those who prefer to make things with their own hands. One such parent is Raymond Green from Lake Charles, Louisiana. He built a wooden train crib for his one-year-old son Jack!

Doting father and wood craftsman Raymond Green built the crib using a blueprint he got from a certain woodworking website. The website,, offers 16,000 different woodworking plans that anyone with any skill level – whether they’re beginners, amateurs or seasoned pros – can follow with ease. Green’s creation is just one of the many projects that you can build using the material offered on the vast online resource library.

raymond green wooden train crib made from reclaimed wood


A father from Louisiana built a wooden train crib for his young son using reclaimed wood

Green’s crib is made entirely from reclaimed wood. The wood is from the old barn that used to stand near the house of Green’s father in Jennings, LA. Green took the reclaimed wood back home and got a bit of help from a kind neighbor named Josh. And together, they managed to finish the project within 9 days! This feat has definitely got us floored!

train crib set at the workshop of raymond green


The wooden train crib offers plenty of storage options

After building the crib following the instructions provided by the plan, the satisfied wood craftsman showed off his finished project. The project resembles an old-fashioned steam locomotive. The crib is incorporated in the locomotive. Then, behind the locomotive, Green also built a coal car that features six spacious drawers where Jack’s clothes, diapers and other things can be stored.

In addition to this, the locomotive’s nose and bottom can both be used for storage purposes as well! There’s also a small decorative ladder attached at the side of the coal car chest of drawers. Jack’s parents can use the top of the coal car chest of drawers as a diaper changing station whenever the need arises as well.

chest of drawers with changing station modeled after a coal cart attached to the train crib


It’s a wonderful token of fatherly love

The skilled father attached removable railings to ensure Jack’s safety whenever he’s asleep. These railings can be removed when Jack grows older later on. Raymond Green’s train crib is definitely worthy of praise, as it is not only a well-made piece but is also an undeniably magnificent token of his love for his young son Jack.

The wooden train furniture set is sure to be an heirloom that the future generations of the Green family will adore. But for now, it’s for Jack Green to enjoy. Expectant fathers, take note – a handmade crib bears heavier sentimental value than those available at the department store. So if you want to learn how to make your own tot’s cot, learn all about it here!

storage at the front of the wooden train crib