Up Your Halloween Game This Year With A Dr. Finkelstein Inflatable

Have you completed The Nightmare Before Christmas ensemble to adorn your yard this Halloween? Let’s see, we already have Jack, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie, and even that evil toy duck that love to terrorize kids. What’s missing is this Dr. Finkelstein inflatable to bring the most lovable characters from the Disney classic to your lawn.

The wheelchair-bound mad scientist in his airblown form is sure to add fun and a bit of creepiness to your outdoor space. We’ve known this character in the film as the creator of Sally who also acts as an overprotective father figure to his rag doll creation. Aside from his clunky electric wheelchair and duckbill-like mouth, Dr. Finkelstein is also prominent for his bizarre skull that can flip open via a hinge to expose his brain. Amusingly, he often opens his skull and scratch his brain when he tries to figure something out.


Dr. Finkelstein Inflatable

dr finkelstein inflatable

Now you can bring the quirky appearance of Dr. Finkelstein right to your yard with his very own inflatable. It features the frail-looking scientist on his black wheelchair with an orange jack-o-lantern on his armrest to add a spooky vibe. Secure this yard décor to the ground using the included stakes and tethers. Plug it in and watch the entire thing self-inflate in seconds, no need to use air pump or battery.

dr finkelstein inflatable head

And just like most The Nightmare Before Christmas-themed inflatables that we’ve featured before, this airblown Dr. Finkelstein also lights up to bring the mad scientist to life at night. When fully inflated, this lawn décor measures 5.5 feet tall, 3.4 feet wide, and 3.5 feet deep. Just don’t place him near Sally or he’ll end up getting poisoned again for the nth time. And when Halloween is over and it’s time to replace all the spooky decors with festive ones, just unplug it and deflate for easy storage.

dr finkelstein inflatable light up

Source: Lowe’s