People Are Sharing Funny Photos Of How Big Their Irish Wolfhounds Are

One of the tallest breeds in the world, the Irish Wolfhounds can even reach the size of a small pony. That’s how tall these dogs are. Due to their substantial size, they were often used as hunting dogs that pursue large game such as boar, dear, and wolves. Although Irish Wolfhounds are courageous hunters, they have a sweet temperament and are affectionate towards their humans. And because of their majestic size, having them as doting pets can look hilarious at times. Who says gentle giants can’t be cute? These funny yet adorable photos will show you that Irish Wolfhounds, no matter how large they are, can make lovely pets.

“Murphy At 8 Months, He’s Now 4 Years Old And 165lb”

These historic sighthound dogs have an average height of 32 inches at the shoulder. But if they stand on their hind legs, they may stand up to 7-feet tall.

“My Irish Wolfhound, Sitting On Grandma’s Lap. He Has No Idea How Big He Is”


Big Ron And Big Ern


We Want Your Toast!

Initially deemed as hunters and guardians, it is said that King Cormac mac Airt, one of the high kings of Ireland between 2nd and 4th centuries, had an army of 300 Irish Wolfhounds.

“If Lincoln Can’t Be A Couch Dog Then She Will Be A Floor Person”




“Throwback To When The Grass Was Green And It Was Just Her And Him”

Did you know that the breed nearly became extinct in 1800? As the number of elks and wolves in Ireland dwindled down, the demand for this breed also dropped. In order to revive the breed, Capt. George A. Graham searched for the remaining population of the Irish Wolfhounds. Then he cross-bred them with Scottish Deerhounds, allowing him the save the breed from total extinction.

Just A Lap Dog


Beauty And The Beast

Despite their intimidating stature, these giant dogs are friendly and are usually not aggressive towards strangers. Their amiable personality also makes them fail as a guardian dog since they’re not suspicious of strangers. This makes them a better fit for an affectionate companion rather than a guard dog.

Christmas Morning Pjs


“Gilligan Sharing A Birthday Kiss With 110 Year Old Mariette”


Enjoy Your Meal!

Tall and lean, these characteristics make the Irish Wolfhounds a favorite canine models in fashion photography. Not to mention, they are very photogenic too.

“Looks Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Music Album Of The Year”


“My Dad, Who Always Complains About The Dogs”


Favorite Place To Nap


Happy And Houndy Thanksgiving!


“Floki. He’s Such A Sweetheart!”


“Sloane Got To Sit On My Lap. He Wasn’t Excited At All…”


On A Walk


“This Is Guinness. He Just Passed Last Month At 9 Years…”


“Manager Amber Is 5ft… Moose Is One Big Boy!”


This Gang


“How He Lies In The Kitchen Waiting For Something To Fall”


When You’re The Size Of A Couch


Ever Get The Feeling Someone’s Watching You?


My Boy Fezzik


Huge Paw Or Small Hand?


Jarvis Watching His Boy


Partners In Crime


“This Irish Wolfhound Testing The Ice Cream For His Human”


Naps And Cuddles With Hoomum


The Space Cowboy And The Gangster Of Love


Meet Winnie The White Wolfie


Best Kisses


They Want His Pizza!


“My Buddy Chester Almost One Year Old Irish Wolfhound. He Wanted To Look Out The Window”


Stanley, 38 Inches At Shoulder, 101 Kilos (223 Pounds) Of Pure Love


Me And Auntie Terri