New Cocktail Popsicles With Actual Booze Sold At Disney’s Epcot Italy Pavilion

Disney World is not for kids only but they also cater to grown-ups too. In fact, Disney offers Cocktail Popsicles, as you might have guessed, these treats are basically frozen booze on a stick. You can buy these cocktail popsicles at the Italy Pavilion within Epcot at Disney World Orlando. All hail to Disney for considering what we, adults, desire. For sure, many people will flock to Epcot to get these cocktail popsicles by Pop Fusions.

disney cocktail popsicles sparkling strawberry
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The new wine pops are available at Via Napoli beverage and snack cart. You can choose from three different flavors – Sparkling Strawberry, Berry Sangria, and Limoncello.

via napoli epcot menu
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The Sparkling Strawberry Wine Pop is made of sparkling wine mixed with fresh strawberries. The Berry Sangria consists of red wine with mixed berries such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Lastly, the Limoncello Wine Pop is basically frozen lemon liqueur with hints of raspberries.

Disney’s Cocktail Popsicles in Sparkling Strawberry flavor

sparkling strawberry wine pop disney
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cocktail popsicles disney epcot
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Take note that these cocktail popsicles are not sold to anyone under 21 years of age. Apart from the wine pops, Via Napoli also sells non-alcoholic popsicles for kids and even adults who don’t drink booze. Regular popsicles include the classic Strawberry Popsicle and the Tiramisu Popsicle.

Pop Fusions’ non-alcoholic popsicle in classic Strawberry

pop fusions classic strawberry popsicle
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disney epcot strawberry popsicle
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If you can’t make it to Epcot, you can visit the nearest Costco and get yourself a Vodka Martini Popsicle. Enjoy the summer with these cold, sweet treats that willl surely get you hooked.

Source: Disney Food Blog