Inflatable Golf Cart Pool Float

This coming summer, the competition will be tough for the ‘coolest pool float’. The airplane float and the inflatable unicorn are going to be strong contenders. But if you want to stay in the game, this golf cart pool float is certainly going to give everyone a run for their money. This unique inflatable comes in the shape of a real buggy vehicle, albeit you cannot drive this thing around a golf course. But rather, this buggy-shaped floatie will gently drift you on calm waters for an ultimate summer relaxation in comfort and style.

The golf cart pool float can comfortably accommodate two persons at a time. You and your partner can stretch out and lounge while the backrest provides optimum upright lounge position. One of the coolest things about this unique floatie is its removable fringe-lined mesh sunshade, just like the mesh top cover seen on the real thing. Simply attach the canopy to avoid the harsh sun all day and remove it to gaze at the sky at night.


Golf Cart Pool Float

golf cart pool float inflatable

This golf cart pool float also features two reinforced cupholders located at the front dash to keep your drinks in place as you lounge. Additionally, it has a built-in tether that allows you to secure the float to a dock or other stationary object. Despite its enormous size, this giant floatie is easy to inflate/deflate thanks to its speed valves that lets you inflate/deflate it in less than 2 minutes with an electric pump (not included).

golf cart pool float with sunshade


inflatable buggy car side


inflatable buggy car back side

When fully inflated, it measures 5.5 feet long and 4 feet wide. It can be used at the beach or lake. If you’re going to use it at the pool, make sure that the pool is large enough for this giant golf cart to float around comfortably. The unique, fun design is guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention. It comes in bright white color with green and pink accents which is perfect for summer. When it’s time to pack up, simply deflate the entire thing and fold it in its compact size for easy storage and transport.

inflatable buggy car


golf cart pool float with fringe lined canopy


golf cart pool float

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