Nonsensical Photos That Will Absolutely Defy All Logic

When it’s impossible to make a sense out of something so absurd, how do you deal with it? Well, you’re about to find out with these nonsensical photos that will put your rational mind to the test. It’s amazing how our brain can process bulk amount of information at an incredible speed. But our brain can only process the type of data that it can handle. It means that the capability of the brain relies on the type of data it accumulates. If the data is too complex, the brain falls into confusion and loses its logical ability. That’s enough explanation for now because it’s time to put your mind into a jumble. Take a look at these nonsensical photos and try to make something out of them if you can.


Robin Hood is no match for this man. Look at that bow and shovel he’s using.

Reddit | Infinitale

I belong to my master as you can see from our matching summer outfit.

Reddit | uppn

Would it make you more comfortable to have this hideous toilet swallowing your crap? I don’t think so.

Reddit | CSgo34adam

So apparently, they decided to build a sandbox over the manhole without even considering the hazard it could bring to children.

Reddit | 2clickswest

A horse in the swimming pool and a dog riding the horse. If that wasn’t weird enough, then how about that large letter ‘D’? Did they take one letter from the Hollywood sign?

Reddit | the_rob_dog

When they tell you to clean your act, they certainly don’t mean putting yourself in a washing machine.

Reddit | eliaaTM

Cats can really amaze us in so many ways. They can smitten us with their irresistible cuteness and scare us to death with their creepiness.

Reddit | itskraiden

Photos that don’t make any sense at all



Finally, someone has built the best defense system that is impossible to penetrate. But not until Gru’s minions come and eat away all the walls.

Reddit | CSgo34adam

He’s willing to lend an extra hand anytime you need it.

Reddit | maya_gaspar

Nicotine is obviously taking its toll on this tree.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Wouldn’t it be easier to do it on a barber chair? What can they get from going through all  of these troubles?

barber bike rider nonsensical photos
Reddit | roxonsoda

Holy mother of octopus! I don’t want to offend any religious devotees so I think I’ll just leave it here.

Reddit | pacotromas

His devotion to the black-and-white stripes could have been in full swing if not for those purple crocs.

Reddit | gigi700gigi

Everything in this photo is strange. From the vehicular crash to the sewing machine, not to mention that suspicious smile on his face.

Reddit | GrumpyBetty

Pennywise probably didn’t see this coming. Kids are so much different now and there’s no way It can defeat them. I bet a bunch of arsonist kids are laughing at It while It was engulfed in fire.

Reddit | TeemoOneTrick