Tricky Pictures That Will Make You Do a Double-Take

You’ve probably seen a lot of things that made you do a double-take, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you see these weird and wonderful tricky pictures below. Sometimes things turn out looking different to what they initially seem. Maybe because of a perfect angle shot or just a magic of optical illusion, but who cares? If something compels you to look at it twice, then it means it got your full attention. We are now giving you the chance to let your brain explain what you are seeing. We have collected some tricky pictures that may require you to have a closer look to see what’s going on. So take a look and a second look as much as you want.


No, this is not a new species of deer. Look closely and you’ll find out why.

An assassin lurks high up in a tree while waiting for its prey.

They say you are what you read.

When a water float looks like it’s literally floating in the air.

There’s a new hair trend in town and this dude is totally rockin’ it.

Zebra-print tights are in… or not.

A giant cat went shopping with his pet dog.

Pictures that play tricks on your mind


Death in a bottle. This drink may kill you.

There’s a magical unicorn inside every baby giraffe.

Who’s that mysterious photo-bomber in the background?

This gallon of chocolate is having a bad day. You can tell by its face.

You’re probably seeing what we’re seeing here.

Maybe I don’t want that hideous thing in my cocktail.

Use this fashionable bag to turn heads wherever you go.

Yummy southern fried chicken! Oh wait…