Things That Will Make You Do A Double-Take

We are currently living in a fast-paced world, where everyone is always in a rush. You might be rushing to get to work, rushing to get to school, rushing to be the first to buy front-row tickets to your favorite concert, or you could be rushing to get on board your plane before it takes off – whatever it is, we’re trying to beat the clock every day.

Because of that, we sometimes don’t look closely on certain things and fail see what’s just right there in front of us.

Now, slow down a bit and take time to take a closer look on the following photos and discover what you’re missing!

1. Looks like the makers of the film failed to see the extra in the background.

This is hilarious! This usually done on films to avoid unnecessary noise.

Imgur | Zeskywalker

2. I never would have figure this out on my own.

Now that I see it, I’m not sure how I’d feel if I have the same mustache.

Twitter | @WORLDSTAR

3. Take a look around wherever you go, you might find interesting people along the way.

I didn’t know pirates also loved watching baseball games. Looks like someone’s taking a break from all the sword-fighting at sea.

Reddit | invadero

4. And the Hide-and-Seek Award goes to…to that kid over there!

I never knew that pretending to be lamp can be a great hiding strategy.

Imgur | pontifex22

5. What? Oh, okay. I see it now.

I’m sure you saw what I also thought I saw. You really have to look closer to see who owns which hand.

Reddit | Po1sonator

6. Who’s that in the audience during one of Judge Judy’s court hearing?

Wait a minute…that’s Amy Schumer! Do you think there were other famous actors who’s been in one of Judge Judy’s episodes?

Twitter | @grandpaajorge

7. Is that thing real?

Apparently, yes. Like all other pets, snakes like to be warm and cuddled. But since you can’t really cuddle with a snake, the snake cuddles with the laptop instead.

Reddit | Noerdy

8. You’ll need a really keen eye on this one!

This was the photo I took time the most. Look between the pots. There’s more to it than just empty spaces – those are people!

9. Snoop Dogg is totally right about this one.

I knew why soldiers wear camo, but this is the first time that I’ve witnessed it to actually work.

10. Something’s certainly not right here.

Oh, wait I see it now. I guess he didn’t know how laptops are supposed to work.

Imgur | Gobobo

11. That’s a real man bun!

If that guy didn’t have his own pony tail, it would’ve been harder to notice.

Reddit | timelording

12. These two are getting along pretty well!

Can’t you see it? These two best friends are just so adorable!

Imgur | wpbp