28 Brilliant And Amusing Times People Won The Food Lottery

So many of us are self confessed foodies. Today we’re going to focus on brilliant and amusing times people won the food lottery. For example, that feeling you get when your server puts an extra bag of fries with your order by accident. Or, when you order a small cappuccino only to be given a large. These lucky little moments in life just make you feel happy! Here we have a bunch of examples where people hit the food jackpot.

Take a look, but be warned, many of these images will make you hungry!

Three instead of two! No complaints here!

Times People Won The Food Lottery 3 pizzas in 2 pack


Five peanuts in one shell…

Flower grape!

Those are some mighty blueberries!

Kinder jackpot! Double the deliciousness!

Double yolked eggs are just the best.

Egg-ception… an egg within an egg…

One extra for luck!

Bonus fudge, who can complain?

Pregnant grape!

A green pepper within a red pepper…

The King of Sour Patch Kids!

This makes a nice change from opening a bag of air.

The longest blackberry we’ve ever seen.

Isn’t it interesting seeing the ways different food can form? It’s a shame that many of these foods will rot and can’t be preserved to show off their uniqueness. Still, the people involved were lucky to have been the ones to hit the food lottery. Coming up, we’ve got a vending malfunction so beautiful you could cry, an orange within an orange that leaves you wondering, why? And, a mutant kiwi we probably couldn’t bring ourselves to eat! Keep going!


The ultimate curly fry!

The luckiest lucky charm?

This long marshmallow would be delightful to cook on a fire!

Mighty lemon. We wonder how much juice it beholds!

Found in a pack of skittles…

Strange strawberry!

An orange inside of an orange…

This can came out of a vending machine as you see it!

We have never seen an avocado without a seed before!

Treble clef fry!

We would have liked to have seen what this kiwi looked like pre-cutting!

Banana twins…

Ultimate lottery win. Everything dispensed at once!

A beautiful watermelon with almost no rind.