Interesting Photos That Will Make You Do A Double Take

As you age, you come to realize that things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes in life, our eyes seem to play tricks on us! Here we have some interesting photos that will make you do a double take. Each is a result of camera angles/perspective, camera trickery/manipulation, or, simply perfect timing. A photo that makes you look twice is by far our favorite kind of photo!

Take a look and see which ones you manage to figure out quickly, and which ones leave you scratching your head in confusion!

This is like something straight out of ‘The Exorcist’!

We never spotted this before!

Water so clear, it appears as if the boat is levitating!

White eye shadow can look rather scary when blinking!

Take a closer look at this girl’s ‘bun’…

A cool illusion created with hex keys!

Look, it’s a giant dog!

This work of art is actually a mirror!

This interesting optical illusion was found in Paris.

Let’s hope nobody has ever tried to jump into this pool!

How to creep out your family members/room mates…

Relax guys! It’s a toy railway…

President Trump is lurking in the shadows…

Being high on gas at the dentist and then looking at this water buffalo apparatus could be interesting!