Wear This Freezable Ice Cap For Instant Headache And Migraine Relief

Get instant relief from headaches and migraines by wearing this freezable ice cap on your head. Chronic headaches and migraines are something many people have to deal with. While over-the-counter medications can temporarily alleviate the pain, it can be a bit frustrating to take a pill each time your head hurts. Not to mention, taking too many of these pain-killing drugs can lead to liver damage, kidney disease and stomach bleeding. A safer alternative is the application of a cold compress or ice pack to the head. This self-administered therapy works by extracting heat from the affected area while leaving a numbing effect that dulls the sensation of throbbing pain.

A cold compress is considered a home remedy and there are several ways to apply this treatment. But there’s now a new, wearable type of cold compress that you can just wear over your head. This freezable cap lets you move hands-free, stand or sleep while it helps reduce the pain from headaches and migraines. The wearable hat contains 16 individually-wrapped ice packs sewn into a stretchy fabric. Each pack contains medical grade liquid gel with a premium PVC cover. The flexible Lycra strap stretches to fit heads of all sizes and to provide 360-degree coverage of the head.


Freezable Ice Cap

freezable ice cap

Before use, place the ice cap in the freezer and let it cool for just a few minutes. Then wear it like a cap and move the ice packs around the affected area for quick relief. In some cases, migraines and headaches can also cause piercing pressure around the eyes, forehead and cheeks. If this is your case, you can pull the cap down to cover your face. Then move the ice packs over your eyes, forehead and cheeks. This freezable cold compress will give you 35 minutes of cooling relief per application. It has a durable nylon exterior which is resistant to tear and leaks. This heavy duty hat can be used to up to 600 times.

freezable ice cap liquid gel


freezable ice cap cooling liquid gel


wearable cold compress

This freezable cap comes in a calming purple color with hair hole at the top so long hair isn’t trapped. It’s definitely the ultimate solution in getting instant pain relief while leaving your hands free to do your usual stuff. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Gone are the days of trying to attach a variety of ice packs to my pounding head. This ‘headache cap’ is a perfect solution. It is surprisingly very comfortable and the coldness is extremely long lasting. Whoever invented this is brilliant.”

wearable cold compress flexible strap


wearable cold compress mask


wearable cold compress with cooling gel


freezable ice cap with cooling liquid gel


magic gel wearable cold compress

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