30 Tattoos People Had On Their Necks That Worked Perfectly

People are getting tattoos as a way of expressing themselves or simply for the sake of aesthetic purposes. Choosing the ideal tattoo design is the first thing to consider if you ever intend to get one. After you’ve decided on the design, you’ll need to decide which part of your body should get the ink. Arms and shoulders are the most common areas. This is simply because these are the most accessible parts of the body which makes the job easier for the tattoo artist. Furthermore, the arm is the perfect spot if you wish to flaunt your tattoos all the time. There are also some people who prefer to get inked on their legs, back, or bellies. The choice is actually up to you. But have you ever considered getting a neck tattoo?

The idea of having your delicate neck getting pricked by a needle can make anyone cringe in pain. Besides, getting a tattoo on the face and neck are considered inappropriate in society’s standard. While most companies wouldn’t mind hiring applicants with arm tattoos, they may have a different take on someone with a face or neck tattoo. But if you’re really determined to get a neck tattoo, there are various designs that you can choose from. You can go for a minimalist design or you can go overboard by inking your entire neck. You can also opt for a simple illustration or showcase an optical illusion through your neck. The possibilities are endless when it comes to neck tattoos. Here are some splendid examples of neck tattoos that will certainly entice you to get one too.

“Phase Two Of My Dream Tattoo By Silvia! I Am Just So In Love!!”

Loving The Depth On This One

Raven Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Mini Tattoo

Little Blue Bird Tattoo

Plant Tattoo

Flower On The Neck

Optical Illusion Neck Tattoo

Choker Snake Tattoo

Amazing Hexagon Pattern

Little Bird Tattoo

Swallow Tattoo

A Jumping Cat Tattoo

Adorable Bunny Design

Floral Design

“First Tattoo At The New Shop!! Loving This Bright Brick Wall For Photos”

Branch of Olive

No Tear

Square-Framed Tattoo

Large Spider Web Tattoo

Magpie Tattoo

Inspired by Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam

Freehand Full Body Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo

“A Story Of Love, War And Sacrifice, With Two Endings”

Doberman Tattoo Design

Dot Work Tattoo Design

Ornamental Neck Tattoo

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