A Japanese Company Has Created Miniature Furniture For Cats And They’re Loving It

Cats are just like us in so many ways. Apart from their unpredictable behavior, they also aspire for a life of comfort and ease, just like us. Due to this reason, different types of cat furniture are specifically constructed to meet every feline’s need. We’ve recently introduced the modular playgrounds for cats that allow our feline pets to play and lounge indoors. With an indoor playground, your furry companion can stay active and fit without the need to go outside the house. Well, now you can make your kitty feel at home even more with this new range of miniature furniture for cats.

okawa kagu miniature furniture cats

Japanese craft collective Okawa Kagu unveils its series of miniature furniture for cats. The series features cat-sized beds, sofas, and benches that can provide the best quality of comfort to your kitty. Furthermore, the miniature furniture are modeled after existing full-scale designs that were downsized to comfortably accommodate our feline pets.  The concept behind the campaign Craftsman Made is to allow pet owners and their pets to share the same lifestyle. If humans are sleeping on a comfy bed, why can’t cats have the same amenity of their own? If humans can laze on a relaxing sofa, why can’t cats do the same? Giving their own miniature furniture will let them experience human comfort on their own perspective.

These miniature furniture for cats is a down-sized version of existing designs

okawa kagu miniature furniture down-sizing designs

The collection of miniature furniture for cats is a collaborative campaign brought by Japan’s local furniture artisans including Tateno Mokuzai and Hiromatsu Furniture. The dark wood cat bed was produced by Tateno Mokuzai while the pinewood sofa was produced by Hiromatsu Furniture. Other Japanese furniture companies such as Nakayama Woodworking, Nishida, Hirata Chair Manufacturing, Marusyou Furniture, and Hirashima Furniture also presented their own miniature furniture for cats.

Hiromatsu Furniture designed and produced this cat-sized pinewood sofa

okawa kagu miniature furniture cat sofa

Tateno Wood Art down-sized its signature wooden bed to bring this sophisticated dark wood cat bed

okawa kagu miniature furniture down-sized cat bed

Other Japanese furniture companies also took part in the Craftsman Made campaign with their own miniature furniture for cats

japanese miniature furniture cats

You can view the entire collection of stylish miniature furniture for cats at Okawa Terrazza. Also, you can browse the company’s gallery on their website to see more of their cat furniture designs.

Source: Okawa Kagu