These Playgrounds Are The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of


When you picture a playground, you probably think of something nice, cheerful and well maintained. However, this can vary wildly depending on where you're from. Even the most run-down of playgrounds in the United States don't come anywhere close to rivaling some of these Russian playgrounds. Now, we're not saying that all playgrounds in Russia are like those below, but that doesn't detract from the fact that these ones are hella creepy. Check them out… if you dare!


We're kind of rooting for the Big Bad Wolf to eat up these Three Little Pigs.


Surf's up, dudes.


Erm… we'd better be leaving, now. *backs away slowly*


Kill it with fire!


All hail pig man.


This ostrich looks as though he has lost all hope.


We're really not sure about this old lady-mouse hybrid.


This one's equal parts cool and terrifying.


Please… just put me out of my misery.





Oh, my. We can't even…


This could have been epic, but the execution is somewhat lacking.


This guy looks like he'd lure you in with his huge eyes and adorable tail bow, then murder you in your sleep.


We think this is meant to be a dog, but we're not sure that the person who made it had ever actually seen a dog before.


Okay, he's just ridiculously creepy.


We have no idea what's going on here, but we don't think we like it.


Well, that was something! Any kids playing on these must get nightmares for weeks! We know we'll be double-checking our doors and locked and our windows are tightly shut tonight.