Tattoo Artist Mo Ganji Uses One Continuous Line to Create Beautiful Minimalist Tattoos

When it comes to art, many people deem that it’s all about colors. While vibrant colors certainly add more life to artworks, the ingenious use of lines can also be a huge factor.  In fact, even a single continuous line can make beautiful illustrations. Minimalism in the visual arts is a style featuring extremely simple forms depicted in an objective approach. Just like in painting, minimalism can also find its place in tattoo art. While intricate 3D tattoos are making a trend right now, some people still prefer the simple minimalist style. For these minimalist people, less is more. To prove this, a tattoo artist from Berlin creates amazing tattoos by using a single unbroken line, and nothing else. Mo Ganji is making waves in the tattoo industry due to his minimalist tattoos that are so simple yet striking.

minimalist tattoos mo ganji

Ganji skillfully draws various figures of people and animals from a single continuous line. And the results are clear-cut minimalist tattoos that are equally incredible as their photographic counterparts.

The single line is inked onto the skin in bold and light impressions. Ganji draws lines in bold impression to highlight the contour of the image.  Then he shifts into lighter impression to accentuate minor details. With just a single line, Ganji creates stunning minimalist tattoos without any extra-visual association such as colors or shading. Indeed, these simple tattoos are the ideal proofs that there’s exceptional beauty in simplicity.

minimalist tattoos single continuous line

Take a look at this alluring collection of Ganji’s creations. From beautiful figures of people to mesmerizing animals, Ganji’s inspirations are clearly depicted through his creations.

Mo Ganji uses a single continuous line to create minimalist tattoos featuring simple figures of people and animals

minimalist tattoos bear figure


mo ganji minimalist tattoos


minimalist tattoos animals figures


mo ganji minimalist tattoos wild animals figures


minimalist tattoos lion figure


minimalist tattoos woman back figure


mo ganji minimalist tattoos horse figure


minimalist tattoos howling wolf figure


minimalist tattoos intertwined fishes


minimalist tattoo woman face


mo ganji tattoos flamingo


mo ganji tattoos bull


minimalist tattoos couple face


minimalist tattoos cat figure


minimalist tattoos bird figure

You can check Mo Ganji’s Instagram page to see his complete collection of striking minimalist tattoos.

Source: Instagram | Facebook