30 Matching Tattoos That Are Actually Good For Once

A tattoo is a form of self-expression that dates back many thousands of years ago. Hence, tattooing is an ancient art that has a rich historical and cultural value. There are several reasons why people get tattoos. It can be symbolic, with a specific meaning that is relevant to the person. Or it can be pictorial that depicts a specific person or an object that is special to the wearer. Also, some people simply get tattoos for decorative purposes, with no specific meaning behind it. While most people prefer tattoos that convey a powerful meaning on its own, there are also those types that would require another part to complete the meaning. We call these types matching tattoos.

Otherwise called ‘couple tattoos’, matching tattoos are inked onto two individuals. The meaning behind the matching tattoos can only be revealed when they are placed next to each other. We’ve seen several matching tattoos worn mostly by couples. For them, this is a great way to express their feelings and love for each other. Some choose to ink symbols pertaining to love, or anything that represents their similar interests or values.

But romantic couples are not the only ones that can have matching tattoos because even BFFs could also have them. Most pair of bestfriends usually gets cryptic symbols that only two of them can understand. For these bestfriends, sharing a secret is what makes their friendship lasts forever.

Apart from intimate couples and BFFs, matching tattoos are also applicable to family members. Siblings, father-and-son, mother-and-daughter, or the other way around, can have them too. Although you don’t need a tattoo to build a permanent bond with your family, others still opt to express their familial affection through tattoos. You know what they say, you can replace your partner and bestfriend, but you can never replace your family.

Take a look at our collection of the cleverest matching tattoos from couples, siblings, BFFs, and many more. If you’re looking for an inspiration for a matching tattoo, you’re in the right place.

“Got To Spend Some Proper Time With My Little Sis After A Long Time. We Got Tattoos For Old Times Sake”

matching tattoos sisters tom and jerry

Sibling Tattoos

matching tattoos siblings simple

Meaningful Tattoos

matching tattoos books gadgets

Cute Tiny Avocados

matching tattoos avocado halves

Sibling Tattoos

matching tattoos siblings red thread

Matching Mother and Daughter Tattoos

matching tattoos mother daughter the little prince

Really Clever Best Friend Tattoo

matching tattoos siblings best friends

“A Lighthouse For Him To Guard Her Way, And A Travelling Little Ship For Her To Sail”

matching tattoos couple lighthouse ship

Some Sailing Tattoos For This Couple

matching tattoos couple ship anchor

Matching Arrows That Line Up

matching tattoos couple love arrow

Ice Age Couple Tattoos

matching tattoos couple scrat acorn

Couple Tattoos With A Quote From Harry Potter

matching tattoos couple harry potter quote

Matching Wolf Tattoos

matching tattoos wolf

Matching Tattoos

matching tattoos couple two lines

Fingerprint Hearts

matching tattoos couple fingerprint hearts

Day and Night

matching tattoos couple day night

Beautiful Sun And Moon Tattoos

matching tattoos couple moon sun

Couple Tattoo Of A Whale

matching tattoos couple whale

“A Fun Matching Tattoo Pair From The Other Week”

matching tattoos creation of adam

Cute Matching Birds

matching tattoos couple love birds

Couple Tattoos, Very Smart Ones

matching tattoos couple homer simpson donut

Tiny Matching Tattoos

matching tattoos couple continous line

“So This Happened Last Night. Matching Tattoos For Sisters”

matching tattoos sisters turtle dinosaur

Super Cute Coffee Cups For This Couple

matching tattoos couple coffee cups

Little Fruits For A Couple

matching tattoos couple fruits

Matching Pulp Fiction Tattoos

matching tattoos pulp fiction

“Adorable Matching Astronaut And Deep Sea Diver Tattoos. The Designs Are Meant To Stand Alone To Reflect Each One’s Personal Style, But Still Look Connected When Brought Together”

matching tattoos astronaut deep sea diver

Bow And Arrow For This Couple

matching tattoos couple bow and arrow

Matching Line-Work Tattoos For This Couple

matching tattoos couple

“Little Couple Tattoo Done On The Weekend! Each Of Them Got The Same Theme Different Placements”

matching tattoos couple dancing foxes

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