Garden of Light Honors Nurses With 2,100 Illuminated Daffodils

In London, the blooming of daffodils marks the start of spring season. Every March, the bright-yellow trumpets bloom to add more vivacity to the beautiful city. There are lots of gardens and parks in London that display vibrant daffodils during this time of the year. But if you want to experience something different, we recommend the Paternoster Square located next to St. Paul’s Cathedral. What awaits you there is a garden full of golden daffodils. It is best to visit the place at nighttime. But why nighttime? It’s mainly because the yellow flowers appear to glow in the dark. No, these are not a new species of glowing daffodils. These are, in fact, handcrafted art installation pieces that resemble illuminated daffodils.

illuminated daffodils garden of light
Design Curial

The Garden of Light is a partnership project by Marie Curie Charity and Greyworld. Marie Curie is a UK-based charitable organization that offers care and support to terminally ill people. Greyworld consists of London-based artists who are specializing in public art and interactive installations. The collaboration started in March 2017 where 2,100 v were fabricated and installed in Paternoster Square. The handmade flowers represent the supportive Marie Curie nurses and the light they emit symbolizes their dedication in providing care. The bright, illuminated daffodils guide the visitors as they walk on the winding pathways. Correspondingly, this is to symbolize that the nurses are like guiding lights that can spark hope in the darkest hours.

garden of light london
Design Curial

Visitors are also encouraged to write and post a memorable story about their departed loved ones on the garden’s memory wall. And while visitors are enjoying the sight, they could hear recordings of nurses reading letters from grateful families of patients. In the following year, the Garden of Light was able to present more than 4,000 illuminated daffodils. If you missed the art installation, here are some photos that will take you back to the stunning event.

The Garden of Light is an art installation featuring illuminated daffodils located in Paternoster Square, London

illuminated daffodils paternoster square
Marie Curie


garden of light illuminated daffodils
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illuminated daffodils marie curie greyworld
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illuminated daffodils marie curie charity
Ellie Awford


illuminated daffodils art installation
J. Shu Eats


illuminated daffodils paternoster square london
Rachel Emma Tay


illuminated handmade daffodils london
Marie Curie


illuminated daffodils london city
Carlotta Clerkenwell


illuminated daffodils marie curie nurses
Marie Curie


garden of light paternoster square london
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The garden’s memory wall allows visitors to write and post their precious memories of their departed loved ones

garden of light memory wall


garden of light memory wall stories


illuminated daffodils marie curie london
Marie Curie

The Garden of Light marked the launching of the Great Daffodil Appeal. This initiative aims to raise funds from donations and recruit caring volunteers who wish to lend a hand. In return, contributors are given a daffodil pin for each donation. The collected fund will be utilized to provide better quality of care to people who need it the most. You can support the charity by making a donation or becoming a volunteer to the organization.