45 People Showing Off Their Awesome Leg Tattoos

Planning on having a tattoo on your legs? Get inspirations from these awesome leg tattoos. Choosing the right canvas is a fundamental decision that can significantly influence the outcome of an artwork. For some artists, a larger canvas provides more room to express their vast imagination. But there are also some artists who prefer a smaller canvas to give emphasis to a certain detail. That also goes the same with tattoo artists. The only difference is that tattoo artists are faced with a more difficult challenge compared to painters. Instead of flat canvas, tattoo artists have a demanding task to work on asymmetrical canvas which is the body part.

Furthermore, each body part has a distinct form that requires a certain approach in tattoo-making. Most people would prefer to have tattoos on their arms for so many reasons. Except for the face, the arms are actually the most noticeable part of the body. This makes the arm an ideal place to put tattoos that you wish to show off to the world.

There are only few people who choose to have tattoos on their lower extremities. But why is it? First and foremost, the leg area is concealed most of the time (unless you wear shorts and skirts all the time). Second reason is the presence of hair particularly on the lower leg. Obviously, the appearance of hair can disfigure the tattoo illustration on the skin. Lastly, getting leg tattoos can be excruciatingly painful. The knee area lacks the protective muscle that is present in some areas of the leg. Pricking needles on this part would be more painful than any other areas. Also, the feet and ankle areas are laden with nerves and also lack protective muscles. Needless to say, working on these areas can be tough for both the artist and the customer.


In order to have epic leg tattoos, you will need a professional and reliable tattoo artist. Someone just like Sebastian Quick, a Swedish tattoo artist known for his stunning leg tattoo creations. When asked why he personally prefers to ink tattoo on the legs, the artist claims that he specializes in large tattoos. And the leg area makes an ideal canvas that allows him to showcase his big designs.

“Legs are generally very good for this, they offer many large areas that are relatively smooth and “flat”, Sebastian explains.

Moreover, Sebastian finds fascination in creating epic leg tattoos that also move in accordance with the dynamic of the limbs and joints.

Here are some photos of the most epic leg tattoos that you might get inspirations from: