Tattoo Artist Franky Yang Creates Tattoos Of Beautiful Scenes Within Just A Rectangle Of Space

Tattoo artist Franky Yang from Beijing is known for her rectangular tattoos that incorporate Chinese painting elements into the designs. Everyone has considered getting inked at some point. But the painful procedure and the permanent commitment that come with it can really put some people off. Temporary tattoos are an ideal alternative for those who don’t want to go under the needle. And unlike its permanent counterpart, a temporary tattoo gives you the freedom to go from one design to another whenever you like. But do they look as good as the traditional, permanent ones?

You only need to look at Yang’s rectangular tattoos to prove that temporary tattoos are as good as, if not better than, permanent tattoos. The young tattoo artist creates colorful illustrations confined within a rectangle frame. Inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, her creations feature illustrative storytelling using artistic and scenic elements. Each piece is like a thin, rectangular window that opens to reveal breathtaking mountains, lush forest, and tranquil seascapes.


Rectangular Tattoos Inspired By Traditional Chinese Art

While the stunning landscapes are kept within the limits of the rectangular frame, Yang enhances the design by allowing some elements to fly outside the border. Some of her illustrations feature the scarlet sun drifting away from the frame, cranes and dragons breaking out of bounds, and waves crashing beyond the invisible border.



If you want these charming rectangular tattoos on your skin, check out the artist’s online store to browse her catalogue of temporary tattoos. You can also follow Yang on Instagram to get the latest updates on her creations.


Franky Yang Incorporates Chinese Painting Elements Into Her Designs






















Source: Instagram