The Month Of Your Birth Reveals More About You Than You May Think


Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes it’s interesting to see that children born in certain months share a lot of characteristics with each other. For example you will probably find that many of your January-born friends are serious, work-driven people with a fun yet dry sense of humor. Many June people share a particularly nurturing and sensitive side. See how our birth months tend to affect our personalities and see if yours is true for you! Take a look!


January babies are often only children and tend to be extremely close to their parents. They are stubborn and believe that their way is the only way. They also love to learn and to study the people around them.


February people are positive and artistic and love having fun with their many friends!


There is a lot going on under the surface of shy and kind March babies. Their feelings can be hurt easily and they find it hard to forgive.


People born in April love attention and are thrill seekers who live life in the fast lane!


May-born babies are good friends who love to dream and to share what they have with their loved ones.


June babies are polite, softly spoken and very sensitive.


July babies love having fun. They’re always on the move, are awesome friends and are incredibly outgoing too!


Babies born in August will generally become strong and well respected leaders. They’re very funny and enjoy telling stories!


Babies born in September are tidy perfectionists who believe it’s all in the detail!


Babies born in October are fun, talkative and love to learn. They also have a very hardworking and positive side.


Deep-thinking babies born in November enjoy being on their own and are secretive. On the other hand they are fun and are very protective of those closest to them!


Babies born in December adore attention. They are also very independent and hate being dictated to.

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