You Can Now Take Your Bird For A Walk Thanks To This Chicken Harness

It may seem unlikely to have a chicken as a pet. But hey, no one would ever judge you if you do. Recently, we’ve introduced a photobook that features portraits of gorgeous chickens. As chicken lovers, the creators of the photobook wished to reveal the beauty of these domesticated fowls. It’s uplifting to know that there are people who see them as lovely pets and not something being served on a plate. Seriously, you only need to Google the word ‘chicken’ to see what we mean. The truth is, anyone can have a chicken for a pet. And there are actually people who prefer flightless birds like chickens and ducks as their animal companions. In fact, there’s a chicken harness that you can actually buy so you can take your favorite pet for a walk.

amazon chicken harness pink

That’s right, a chicken harness that will help you teach your chicken to walk on leash. But why would a chicken need to have a walk, you may ask? Just like cats and dogs, chickens also need physical activities to stay fit and healthy. Besides, walking your pet is also good for your mind and body.

amazon chicken harness leash

Amazon seller Yesito introduces a chicken harness that is easy to wear and easy to adjust. You can choose from two sizes (small, medium) available in two different colors (blue, pink). Medium size is suitable for chicken weighing 2 – 3 lbs while the small size comfortably fits chicken weighing less than 2 lbs. You can easily adjust the size to make sure that it perfectly fits your beloved fowl. Each chicken harness is made of durable nylon fabric that is made to last. Plus, its reinforced mesh fabric is breathable for a more comfortable and breezier walk.

amazon yesito chicken harness


amazon chicken harness adjustable


amazon chicken harness blue

Your chicken will surely turn heads with this stylish harness. And if you buy this chicken harness, you’ll also get three bow ties in different colors. Obviously, the bow ties are not for you, but for the chicken – duh! And there’s more. You also get a free storage bag with each purchase. Simply store the harness in the bag when not in use. Or you can use it to hold your stuff such as keys, coins, cellphone, lipstick, and more while you stroll with your pet. It can also come in handy just in case your hen lays an egg along the way.
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