A Company In Japan Have Created Sea Creature Teabags That “Come Alive” Inside Your Mug

Seriously, who doesn’t want a delicious sip of tea after a hard day’s work? Indeed, the tea business has consistently been booming. And yet, one thing remains unchanged when it comes to having a cup of tea: it’s the traditional tea bag design! For many years now, this design hasn’t changed. Apparently, some Japanese folks wanted to do something unique. Hence, the birth of Ocean Teabags in Japan. And, guess what the first designs are. It’s a squid and an octopus!

Haven’t you heard of this brand yet—the Ocean Teabag? Well, it’s the company that breathes new life to your traditional teabags, having them in the form of squids or octopuses. How did they do that? Well, they first teamed up with an oddity shop called Village Vanguard. Oddly enough, the shop is also a bookstore. With this partnership, the company was able to create some animal-themed ocean teabags.

octopus design ocean teabags japan

If you had a cup of tea with Ocean Teabags in the form of a squid or an octopus, wouldn’t you come and bring in a friend to take a sip with you?

octopus sample ocean teabags japan

The ocean teabags also include isopods and jellyfish, as well as some land animals like the tanuki.

octopus ocean teabags japan

Once you add the teabag to the cup, they would transform into a 3D shape. As a result, it would look like you have a sea creature floating on your cup of tea. Definitely, the imagery is Instagrammable!

squid ocean teabags japan

Typically, tea bags would cost around 1,820 yen or $16. The heads behind the company have revealed that Ocean Teabag began about 3 years ago. Their initial design was a dolphin teabag. Later on, they added more designs into the series. Now, their team has 10 people working on the unique and adorable ocean teabags. But, as the company is beginning to get more popular, it probably has to start expanding.

squid in cup ocean teabags japan

As you can see from above, the squid teabag is dedicated to the black Pu’er tea. The resulting dark tea looks like the squid teabag has squirted out squid ink! To make it sweeter to taste, the company has added sweet persimmon flavor into the mix. On the other hand, they’ve filled the octopus ocean teabags with Keemun tea.

penguin ocean teabags japan

Among the other designs, the most popular are the octopus as well as the squid teabags. In other words, they are the buyers’ favorites. Well, Ocean Teabag has also prepared some other adorable creatures such as the penguin tea bag. Want to know what’s inside it? It’s Chamomile tea.

sample sea creature ocean teabags japan

Ocean Teabags may expand to include both moving and glowing tea bags. They already have 50 unique teabags in their online shop.

dolphin ocean teabags japan

In Japan, the tea was first served by Emperor Shomu. This was in the year 729. They had an extraordinary Buddhist ceremony back then.

sea creature ocean teabags japan

In the beginning, the Japanese associated their tea with nobility. As a matter of fact, it was regarded as a type of medicine. And yet, it was only after the tea ceremony was invented in the 16th century that everyone began to drink tea. Yes, the tea ceremony opened up the opportunity for both nobles and commoners the beautiful tradition of drinking tea.

Finally, in 1859, Japan welcomed having tea into their everyday lives. Here’s a fact: tea was less produced because the production was thought to be boring. Eventually, though, things have changed and improved for the better. Thanks to technology!

sea creatures ocean teabags japan

To date, the Japanese people consume tea because of its numerous health benefits. It’s a little sad, though, that the current tea production in Japan has hit an all-time low. It merely means that if you want to take a sip of the Japanese tea, you may need to pack up and head for an adventurous cultural trip to Japan.

Source: Ocean Teabag