Adorable Blind And Deaf Dog Named Shiro Comforts Foster Pets That His Owner Brings Home And It’s So Cute

The endearingly kind nature of animals never fails to amaze us. While the internet is full of aww-inducing stories about cute and talented pets, Sheryl Smith’s rescue dog Shiro is on an entirely different level. He may not be able to see clearly or hear anything, but he’s got the biggest canine heart we’ve ever seen! His owner has been rescuing and re-homing abandoned pets for years. Her kind, selfless mission eventually led her to find this adorable yet unwanted pooch.

The poor pup had never known a home before Sheryl found him. “He was a handful but everyone else had given up on him and we weren’t prepared to do that,” Smith said. According to Sheryl, the deaf-blind dog had stayed in two shelters before being bounced around 12 foster homes. Four families tried to keep him, but they all ended up returning him after realizing how hard it was to care for a disabled dog. Being repeatedly rejected traumatized Shiro. “He still, to this day, cries in the car because he thinks he’s being dropped off somewhere else.”

Shiro on adoption day




Shiro began helping his Mom care for her rescues

After adopting him, Sheryl shared that she’s also had to face some cruel people. According to her, a leader from an organization meant to help kids and youths with mental health and disabilities told her that Shiro should be put down or classed as a dangerous dog. However, Sheryl didn’t let other people’s smallness get to her, because she knew that he wasn’t dangerous, and that he deserved better.

Adjusting to a new environment proved to be a challenge for her family’s new addition. But nowadays, Sheryl happily shares that Shiro now knows that he’s in a safe, loving, and nurturing home. And it seems that Shiro’s taken it upon himself to share the love to all the newcomers that she brings in.

wheelchair bound

“Just after his rescue, I rescued a pregnant dog who was too sick to care for her pups so Shiro climbed in and started cleaning them. He’s done that with every rescue I take in. He will just sit patiently with the feral cats/kittens and bonds so strongly with them. They trust him before they trust me.”

very happy disabled dog


This amazingly kind dog breaks the stereotype

We all think that cats and dogs can’t get along. You’re either a dog person or a cat person. But that’s not the case for Shiro. He loves all animals, even if they happen to be cats, dogs, or even birds! This became evident when Sheryl brought home a severely frail feral kitten who she later named ‘Tiny Tolley’. Shiro immediately sensed that the kitten needed a friend, so he kept her company as often as possible.

sheryl dresses him up as superman or superdog for halloween


sheryl shares an anecdote about shiro and tiny tolley

“Shiro never left her crate for a second,” Smith recalled. “He knew she was so sick and so scared that she needed to be comforted.”

blind dog keeps kitten company


blind-deaf dog comforts a recovering kitten with a big kiss

He remained her constant companion even after she made a full recovery. Sadly, not all of Sheryl’s rescues stay permanently in their home. Some rescues are re-homed to suitable foster families. This set-up may seem bittersweet, but we’re pretty sure Shiro treasures every friend he meets.

“His love and compassion for other rescues is nothing short of amazing.”

he's pleased and she's scared


People couldn’t help but adore the compassionate rescue


what a beautiful pup


too funny and cute


the kitten's face


so precious


priceless expression


how precious


good puppy being friendly


adorable except for the terrified kitty