No Gift Will Light-Up A Room Quite Like The ‘My First Fire Kit’

It’s never too early to teach kids about the concept of fire lighting. After all, it’s an essential life skill that everyone must be equipped with. So, we suggest you start them young with this My First Fire kit. We probably have you thinking right now, “Are they kidding me?” Well, of course, we are!  

So, keep your cool and don’t worry because it’s just another brilliant prank gift idea. However, don’t underestimate it, because we’re telling you, everything is so on point. From the product concept to the detailed descriptions, it’s enough to stir panic among paranoid parents in a kids’ party. 

My First Fire Prank Gift Box Packaging

To start off, this prank gift box features a boy playing with fire. That alone is already a major red flag for any responsible parent out there. As kids, we were taught by our parents not to play with any flammable substance. That said, this gift box is the perfect way to add some thrill to a rather dull children’s party. 

My First Fire Prank Gift Box Front


My First Fire Prank Gift Box Product Details

The “kit” includes an 18-inch fire ring, a 12-inch poker, four Endura logs, an eight-ounce fuel can and a 24-page manual. At least, they’re considerate enough to include some first-aid tips in the manual. Plus, the accelerant comes in different scents like cherry, coconut, apple, barbecue, s’mores and peppermint. 

My First Fire Prank Gift Box Back


My First Fire Prank Gift Box Inclusions

Well, what can we say, playing with fire has certainly never been this kid-friendly and fun! If that’s not hilarious enough, the “packaging” even suggests that the kit is ideal for kids aged two and up. Indeed, it’s a great way to “nurture your child’s fascination with fire,” as the packaging suggests. 

My First Fire Prank Gift Box Product Description

Tricking your nephews, nieces, or godchildren is surely a fun thing to do. More so if you have their parents convinced of your little wicked prank. Nonetheless, don’t forget to do the right thing by sneaking in an appropriate gift inside the prank box. Pulling a prank on them is one thing, not giving them gifts is another. And we’re pretty sure they won’t take the latter lightly. 

Confused Reaction Upon Receiving Weird Gift


Amused Reaction Upon Finding Real Gift Inside Prank Gift Box

So, make sure you have something nice to compensate all the stress you’ve caused their parents and the false hopes that you’ve given these kids. No worries, the dimensions of the box are 11.25 inches x 9 inches x 3.25 inches (W x H x D). It’s probably big enough to fit a toy that they really like and is appropriate for their age. For your reference, the box can fit a sweater, a baseball mitt or even a large book. 

Prank-O Prank Gift Box Size Reference


Real Gift Inside My First Fire Prank Gift Box

Get your My First Fire prank gift box here and add a playful twist to the typical gift giving tradition. In fact, these gag gift boxes are not just for children. Of course, we have something for the adults too! Like this DIY Vasectomy Kit that’s perfect for married couples and this Baby Shield that’s perfect for first-time parents.