Lotus The Magnificent Maine Coon Cat Is A Gigantic Fluffy Ball Of Love

Dubbed as the ‘gentle giant’, the Maine Coon cat is considered one of the largest domestic cats in the world. These breeds can grow up to 4 feet long and can weigh up to 25 pounds, while the males are typically larger than females. Despite their enormous size, these cats are affectionate and friendly. So, they are the perfect addition to your family. As a matter of fact, it seems these fluffy kitties are a favorite among cat lovers around the world. And if you still think giant felines don’t make the cutest pets then let this lovable cat change your mind.

So, meet Lotus, a fast-rising Instagram star. He is stealing the hearts of everyone due to his good looks and charming personality. With his majestic mane, lynx-like ears and fluffy tail, it’s no wonder that this cat already has 295,000 followers. Indeed, you only need to look at his photos to see how striking he is. But don’t let his apperance fool you. Just like other cats, Lotus also has his silly side as he often pulls funny faces and sits in wacky poses.


Lotus, the Cat


To show you how cute he is, we’ve found the most adorable photos of Lotus. Once you have seen these they will surely melt your hearts. So, don’t forget to follow his Instagram page to keep up to date with the cutest cat in the world.





The breed comes from Maine where they serve as farm cats. Furthermore, breeds naturally have good hunting instincts. As a result no rodents will be safe as long as you have them around. And as far as personality is concerned, these cats are undoubtedly the most ideal companion that the feline kingdom has to offer.





However, unlike other cats, this breed likes being with people. They do like cuddles and getting attention but they are not needy. Moreover, they are the most patient cats in the world and they can easily adapt to any lifestyle. Born to be hunters, they naturally have sharp hunting skills. So, if there are no mice for them to chase, make sure to give them toys to play with. They are often silly and usually enjoy playing.


Finally, Take A Look At More Pictures of Lotus The Maine Coon Cat