This Dog Fence Bubble Window Lets Your Pup Be As Nosy As They Want

Dogs are curious creatures and they tend to get frustrated when they are kept in a confined area. But then, we always put their safety first and it is for this reason that we are keeping our canine buddies within the walls of our property. Now this dog fence bubble window offers a way to satisfy their curiosity while keeping them safe within your yard. This transparent acrylic dome is designed to give your doggo a clear, full view of what is happening on the other side of the fence. Thus, giving them visual access to the outside world that alleviates confinement anxiety which is typical of dogs.

Before these friendly canines became man’s best friends, they were originally creatures of the wild. Even after domestication, their connection to nature and the outside world is still intact. This explains why they are often caught digging holes under the fence. They simply want to find a way to look through the fence and take a peek of the outside world. With this bubble window, your pooch will be able to observe their outside surroundings. So, there would be no need to create a hole just to satisfy their curiosity.


Dog Fence Bubble Window

dog fence bubble window

This bubble window is made of durable acrylic in a dome-shaped design to fit any canine muzzle. So, they can peek and stick out their heads through the fence to get a full view of the outside. The transparent dome comes with a black rim, two sets of long bolts and two sets of short bolts. With all the necessary hardware included, you can easily install it into your wooden or vinyl fence.

transparent acrylic dome


transparent acrylic dome with black rim


dog fence bubble window acrylic

Consider the sitting height of your dog before installation. This is to make sure that they can comfortably position themselves as they gaze beyond the fence. Place the black rim against the fence and trace the inner circle to determine where to cut the hole. After cutting out the hole, place the black rim back in the previous position and drill out the holes for the bolts. Then place the bubble window through the hole with the dome towards the exterior side. Secure the bubble window by putting the bolts in place. Take the black rim to the other side of the fence and line it up with the bolts.

dog fence bubble window peek


dog fence bubble window transparent

The bubble window measures 12.4 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep. It is available in a pack of 2 so you can give your precious doggo a nice view of the opposite sides of your fence. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“One side of my fence borders a neighborhood park and the dogs are always trying to see through the slats of the fence and kids are trying to say hello. This is a big hit on both sides! The dogs love it!!!”

dog fence bubble window dome


transparent acrylic dome for dogs


transparent acrylic dome peeking dogs

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