People Have Been Sharing Photos Of How Messy Their Cats Can Be When Eating And It’s Hilarious

There’s a reason why we refer to our pets as ‘fur babies’, and why we are called ‘fur parents’. This is because our animal companions require just as much care, attention and nurturing as a human baby would. They come with a long checklist of responsibilities, like making sure they’re well fed, clean, healthy and happy. Normally, when people get young pets, they’ll discover some pretty hilarious and frustrating things along the way. Cats are widely regarded for being very particular about their grooming, but they aren’t always this way. Apparently, there are some pretty messy cats out there… especially when they’re eating! Some fur parents were so amused by the messy sight that they couldn’t resist taking photos!

Kittens, just like human babies, need time to learn how to eat neatly. They can start eating solid food when they’re four weeks old. And professionals advise that wet food is the best introductory meal. However, it makes a lot of mess for their fur parents to clean up. A lot of food – like cake frosting, watermelon and ravioli – end up covering the cat’s face. Others literally make a mess by splashing milk on the kitchen table instead of drinking it or dipping their paws in their food only to walk around, staining surfaces. We’ve compiled some of the funniest, most adorable pictures of messy cats for you to enjoy, so if you’re up for some chaotic fun, scroll down and look at these hilarious cats!


Cat owners are sharing pictures of their messy cats

Part of the process of becoming a responsible fur parent is learning how to properly nourish your pet. Understanding the dietary needs of your feline friend is important, because a healthy cat is a happy cat. This is an aspect in cat ownership that certified feline behavior specialist Molly DeVoss wishes to spread more awareness about. DeVoss runs Cat Behavior Solutions, which aims to correct and prevent behavior issues that may push owners to surrender their feline pet to cat shelters.



According to her, it is vital that we provide proper nutrition for our feline pets. Otherwise, it will cause your cat to gain weight, develop dental problems, have dry fur and flaky skin among other afflictions. She also added that “diseases such as arthritis and diabetes can also be a result of poor nutrition”. DeVoss emphasizes that cats are obligate carnivores, which means that “they cannot survive off a diet of fruits, vegetables and grains; they must have meat, organs and bone”. So it’s important that fur parents pay close attention to the food they feed their pet cats with. Those with kittens are encouraged to provide wet food for their fur baby, as it’s easier to digest, has a stronger aroma and more robust flavors compared to dry cat food.




Fur parents are sharing hilarious pictures of their cats after they literally stuffed their faces with food

We all know that babies are messy eaters. And apparently, even our fur babies can make quite a mess of themselves when there’s food involved! Since kittens are still new to the concept of eating food from a bowl, they almost always end up walking all over their food or milk (or even laying across it!). However, some felines haven’t outgrown their messy eating habit. And sometimes, it tips off their bewildered owners about what happened to food that’s “mysteriously” disappeared.


“Our foster kitten, Blue is a messy eater

blue the black kitten is a messy eater


This kitty looks so sad and messy

fluffy white kitten gets dirty while eating its food


“Caught my old mate eating my soup while I was on the phone. It’s more than 10 years now that I have to pay attention to him everytime I eat. He never gives up. I love him”

messy cats-10 year old cat steals soup


“So what if I eat with my whole face.”

ginger kitten eats with its whole face

DeVoss cautions that we must be very vigilant about the things that our kitties sink their teeth into. She explained that cats in the wild get their nourishment from their prey’s stomach contents, which usually contains plenty of carbohydrates. But in comparison, the carbohydrates found in commercial cat food isn’t as easy to digest. According to DeVoss, owners should always check if their cat’s meal contains the following ingredients: “by-products of any kind, meat and bone meal, corn, wheat, gluten, and soy”.  If they do, avoid them. And in case you didn’t know, “by-products” is literally just slaughterhouse waste, which are discarded animal parts we humans don’t consume. She also added that,

“This can contain organs, which cats need; however, it can also contain feed, beaks, undeveloped eggs, pieces of tumors, diseased organs, and intestines (sometimes with feces). While these do provide some protein content, they are not providing your cat with the taurine-rich meat he needs.”


These messy eaters are stealing hearts on the internet


“Our kitten used to put his whole face into his food.”

this messy cat used to put his whole head in his food


Seems this cat has a drinking problem

messy cats black cat splashes milk all over the kitchen counter


“No regrets”

Kitten with milk on its snout and paws


“She’s a bit of a messy eater…”

white kitten finishes dinner with dirty fur


Looking at cats after chow time may be funny but making sure we give them only good cat food is serious business

Furthermore, DeVoss said that “meat and bone meal in fact contain roadkill, dead zoo animals, dead livestock, and even euthanized horses and pets – which can still have poison in their bodies”. She also went on to disclose how some commercial cat food manufacturers use cheap fillers like corn, wheat, soy, barley, oatmeal and white rice in their product. These ingredients aren’t really dangerous since we consume them too. However, they’re not really good for felines, since “these fillers are some of the leading causes of cat allergies. Corn, which is not appropriate for a carnivore, is an incomplete protein, contains gluten, and is one of the more allergenic ingredients”.


This cat seems to love Dijon

messy cats- kitten gets covered with dijon mustard


“Learning to eat is exhausting”

exhausted kitten lays on top of its food bowl


This cat’s first time eating wet food looked fun

kitten gets face covered with wet cat food sauce - messy cat

It’s pretty rare for cats to have an allergic reaction to cat food, but that doesn’t mean that they’re completely safe. So the next time you shop for your cats, you should probably pay a little more attention to the fine print on the packaging. “A good-quality cat food will not contain those six ingredients; it might contain a small amount of veggies and fruit, but should be mostly meat,” she finished.


“Her first attempt at eating from a dish got a little messy”

gray british shorthair with milk mustache-messy cats


“My cat eats like a truffle hog”

messy cat eats like a truffle hog


“Meet Stinky Fred! He has chronic constipation issues. Yesterday, I unblocked him and now he is feeling good enough to seriously chow down!”

black kitten prepares to lick its chops after getting messy


These messy cats can’t get away with their sneaky food heists

Cat burglars owe their name to the feline’s ability to evade detection thanks to their lithe and graceful movements. Sadly, messy cats rarely get away with their snack heists. This is because the evidence is usually stuck on their fur. Take for example the kitten that tried to play innocent after ‘stealing’ their fur parent’s Bolognese! She would’ve definitely gotten away with it… if only the sauce didn’t leave a stain on her fur!


“He’s a messy eater”

she's a messy eater


“Caught this guy trying to steal my yogurt”

kitten dips entire face in owner's yogurt cup


“What bolognese? I don’t know who ate it”

bolognese thief-messy cats


“Someone got into the spaghetti bolognese”

messy cats with spaghetti sauce stain


“Who ate the ravioli??”

ravioli thief gets caught


Some cats get “makeovers” after eating


This is one messy kitty

little kitten looks like a wise wizard after eating


While, this kitten has a cute a food goatee

kitten with milk goatee-messy cats


“Greatest milk mustache of all time”

kitten with awesome milk mustache-messy cats


“Cursed milk dunk”

messy cats-black kitten gets face covered entirely with milk


Seems like life can be tough for a kitten

messy cats- kitten takes a moment to pause while stuffing its face


“Cole is somewhat of a messy eater”

messy cat looks like an old man

I think we can all agree that all felines go through a ‘messy’ stage, just like we humans do. Eventually, they’ll learn how to eat and drink without spilling or getting it on their faces. So if you’re currently dealing with little messy cats right now, our advice is for you to simply enjoy it while it lasts. Do you have any photos of your own messy feline friend? If so, don’t hesitate to share them with us!


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