Clever Street Cat Gets Woman To Buy Him Food At The Store And Ends Up Getting Adopted By Her

We could meet our purrfect pet in unexpected places at the most unexpected times. A 33-year-old primary school teacher fell in love with a street cat on her way to a local supermarket in Piedras Negras, Mexico. Tania Lizbeth Santos Coy Tova documented on Instagram about her fated encounter with an unusual stray kitty. And if you’re in search for a heartwarming cat stories then this one will surely melt your heart.

Upon arriving at the supermarket, Tania noticed a white stray kitty sitting in front of the store. Surprisingly, the cat didn’t run away when she came close to him. Moreover, the tailless kitty even allowed her to touch him. This is rather unusual for stray cats as they are typically hostile towards people and would avoid human contact as much as possible. One probable explanation is that – the stray kitty had a previous owner who probably abandoned or lost him. This may explain why the friendly kitty allows itself to be handled or touched. But that’s actually not the most surprising part of the story.


This street cat leads a woman to the cat food shelves on a supermarket and asks her to buy his favorite food

On the video, you can see the cat walking next to Tania as she enters the store. But as soon as they’re inside, the cute feline quickly walked towards the cat food shelves as if leading her the way. Tania lovingly laughed when the kitty paw-points a particular brand of cat food he likes. And when she picked the cat food for him, you can just see how excited he was.

But the cat food wasn’t actually the biggest treat Tania had to give to the clever cat. She immediately fell in love with the adorable feline and decided to adopt him. She gave him the name ‘Conejo’ (Spanish for ‘rabbit’) due to his white fur and tailless feature. Conejo probably lost his tail due to maltreatment from his previous owners or from a fight with other feral cats. The poor kitty even had wounds when Tania thoroughly checked him. After taking Conejo to the vet for necessary medical care, she took him home and made him a part of her family.


From a stray cat…–RMOsFTHG/


… to a handsome pet!

Now, the former stray cat doesn’t need to wait in front of the store to look for kindhearted people to buy him food. Tania makes sure that Conejo is getting all the love and affection (and food) he deserves. She even bought him a stuffed toy which she named Rene that he loves to hug a lot. From a starving cat to a charming cat, Conejo is now happily living with Tania and a younger kitty brother named Zulem. You can follow him on Instagram to see his latest photos and videos.

Source: Instagram