You Can Now Get A Jolly Rancher All-Watermelon Pack

Everyone has their own favorite Jolly Rancher hard candy flavor. While we all love the fruity flavors, we won’t deny that it’s the watermelon-flavored candies that we love the most. Now, there’s no need to sift through the pack just to pick out all the red candies. Hershey’s has packed all the classic fruity flavors in single-flavor bags. So, each flavor is getting their own all-one-flavor bag.

Of course, we have our eyes fixed on the All-Watermelon pack. Well, we’re assuming most of us will be divided here with regards to our favorite flavors. But if you’re on Team Watermelon then we’re sailing in the same boat. The All-Watermelon Pack comes in a 7-oz green bag containing just our favorite juicy watermelon candy. One bag contains approximately 33 individually wrapped candies. So, you can spoil yourself with all the juiciness of watermelon all you want.


Jolly Rancher Hard Candy All Watermelon Pack

jolly rancher all watermelon pack
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People have spotted the All-Watermelon, All-Peach and All-Blue Raspberry packs at Dollar General. We’re not sure if this is a store-exclusive offering but take this as a hint and make it your first stop. You can also get the All-Watermelon Pack online but you need to act fast because stock is selling out fast. You’re not the only watermelon lover around, you know. So, get it now while it lasts.

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