Now Your Dogs Water Can Stay Cold Through Those Summer Days Thanks To This Water Cooling Dog Bowl

Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans and they can’t cool down as efficiently as we do. Keep in mind that canines are naturally born with inherent insulation, making them more suitable in cold climate. In summer where weather is hotter than usual, dogs are prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Remember that they are not designed for hot climate and a sweltering temperature can lead to death due to heat stroke. This is why it’s important to learn the ways on how to cool them down in hot weather. Particularly in summer, make sure to give them sufficient drinking water to help them cool down from the heat. And to ensure that they’re protected from the scorching heat, a cold drinking water can help them stay cool longer through the warm day.

cooling pet bowl for dogs

 This convenient cooling pet bowl is exactly what our dogs need this summer. It comes in two pieces –  a clear bowl and a blue insert. The blue insert contains cooling gels inside that keep the water chilled for hours. Using it is quite easy, simply put the insert in the freezer overnight for maximum cooling effect.  The cooling pet bowl can hold up to 16-oz of water and keeps it cool for up to 10 hours, whether you use it indoors or outdoors. You can buy the Cool Pup Cooling Pet Bowl here. This is an absolute must-have for all dog owners as one satisfied buyer wrote:

“I was amazed after putting the insert in the freezer for a few hours that the water stayed cold and the insert was still cold when it was time to refill. This will be a perfect solution for those hot summer nights. The bowl is also very sleek-looking and made very well.”

cool pup cooling pet bowl

The Cool Pup Cooling Pet Bowl comes in two pieces – a clear bowl and a blue insert

amazon cool pup cooling pet bowl

The insert contains cooling gels that keep water chilled for hours

cool pup cooling pet bowl gels


amazon prime cooling pet bowl

Keep your dog cool especially this summer with this amazing cooling pet bowl. Trust us, your beloved canine companions will thank you in their own endearing ways.
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