She Hates A Messy Fridge, So She Came Up With 17 Nifty Ways To Organize The Fridge

Our fridges and freezers are essential home items that sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to. It’s a lot easier than you might think to be organised and there are so many different ways to go about it. Here we have 17 creative ways to get your fridge and freezer in order that will make your life easier and possibly even save you money. Take a look, see what you think and feel free to share your own awesome tips, tricks and hacks that will help others in the comment section at the bottom of the page!

Binder Clip Trick

Freezing food is just so convenient. It allows you to buy more in advance and save things that may have otherwise gone out of date. However, due to how great it is, many people find themselves running out of space. Combat this problem by using binder clips like in the image below to utilize every bit of free space!

binder clips in fridge

DIY Chalkboard Fridge

Stand out and be unique with a DIY chalkboard fridge! Great for kids and adults alike, it is much easier and cheaper to create than you might think. How awesome does the example below look? We would love to do this! Find full instructions here.

chalkboard fridge

‘Eat Me First’ Basket

So many of us hate waste but it’s all to easy to go straight for the things you fancy in the fridge instead of things that really need to be consumed first. Make this an issue of the past with an ‘eat me first’ basket. You can save yourself from wasting food and money by making it clear to your family which items will go off quickly. 

eat me first basket


For some people labeling is the most obvious form of organization. They are easy to make and great at creating set areas for different items meaning you’ll never have to fish around looking for a certain item. 

fridge labels

Grab And Go Basket

A healthy grab and go basket is great for kids. Explain to them that they are allowed to take anything in the basket without asking for permission. Make sure to fill it with healthy items so that you can rest easy knowing your kids are eating great food without them nagging you every other hour of the day when they are hungry!

grab and go basket fridge

Lazy Susan

This idea is awesome. Find a ‘Lazy Susan’ that fits your fridge and whack it in! There’s a reason people love these devices so much. No more moving items here, there and everywhere to find one thing, instead, just swirl around with ease! 

lazy suzan in fridge

Magazine Freezer Shelves

A little initiative can go a long way. Some people find themselves lacking when it comes to freezer shelves but it’s so easy to create your own for next to no cost! Simply grab some magazine holders and turn them onto their sides to have instant freezer shelves. 

magazine holder freezer shelves

Magnetic Containers

These can either be bought, or, you can create your own by sticking some magnets to your own containers. This is a great idea for storing/separating nuts, herbs, seeds etc. Easy clean, no fuss and they look pretty cool too!

magnetic plastic containers

Egg Basket

If your fridge didn’t come with built in egg slots, place a basket in instead. Voila! A place for your eggs.

make an egg basket

‘Opened On’ Labels

Make knowing when you opened certain things a walk in the park by using a sharpie pen on some masking tape. No more throwing things away because you’re too worried they’re old! 

masking tape and sharpie

Fridge Bins

Plastic bins not only keep your fridge organised, but they also prevent your shelves from getting dirty. Any accidental spillages or leakages will be safely contained in the individual basket. 

plastic fridge bins

Shelf Mats

We think we can honestly say we don’t know a single person who enjoys cleaning their fridge. It’s a boring and tedious that uses up time you could be doing plenty of other things. Never the less, it needs to be done. However, you could make your experience much easier by cutting plastic place mats to fit your shelves. Simply wipe down the plastic instead of having to clean the glass/plastic shelving!

plastic mats on fridge shelves

Saving Space

Condiment bottles and jars come in all different shapes and sizes often meaning you have to scatter them wherever they fit, or, clump them all together in an untidy way. Well, instead, you could transfer your sauces into squeezable bottles that are all the same shape and size. Much better! 

reduce condiment clutter bottles

Freezer Bags

This one seems simple and obvious but so many people don’t separate the items in their freezers resulting in one big cluttered mess. Simply use reusable bags like in the image below to separate different items!

reusable freezer bags

Snack Zone

It’s easy to end up with far too many different items scattered in your fridge. We all know that kids can be lazy and ‘where’s this?’, ‘where’s that?’ are phrases you hear all too often. Silence the annoying questions by creating a snack zone area that has their favorite things in one easy access place.

snack zone in fridge

Dry Erase Board

Keep a helpful inventory of your food by using a dry erase marker to write directly on to your fridge! We must stress that you double check your pens are not permanent marker!

dry erase marker on fridge

Understanding Where To Store Different Items

It’s crazy how many of us just bung our food into the fridge with no real understanding of what is the best place for different items to be stored. You may think that the whole fridge is the same temperature but this isn’t always the case. The image below can help you to figure out what you’ve been doing right or wrong. Storing things in their correct places is vital for making them last as long as they can thus ensuring you aren’t wasting money because things are going off before they should. 

where to store things in your fridge