When A Retro Volkswagen T1 Hippy Van And A Pool Table Merge As One

If you’re looking for a functional collectable item then look no further than this Volkswagen Pool Table. In a world full of trends, a classic never goes out of style. And that also applies in the auto industry. The classic hippy van has been the inspiration for modern merchandise, from record players and planters to mugs and coolers. And it doesn’t stop there. Even furniture designers are taking VW’s much-loved hippy van as their inspiration for their designs.

That’s exactly the case with the designer who created this VW Pool Table. For VW collectors, this is undoubtedly the most awesome billiard table they could ever have. This is an actual VW T1 hippy van converted into a billiard table. The VW Samba, the most luxurious version of the T1 known for its split windscreen, multiple windows and sunroof. Unfortunately, these remarkable features are not present in this VW-inspired billiard table because the hippy van was cut halfway down. As you can see, the flat top is then outfitted with a playable billiard table.


Volkswagen Pool Table

volkswagen pool table

The pool table has solid wood rails and worsted felt surface in burgundy to match the VW Samba look. Just like most high-end billiard tables, this retro-inspired table has operational pockets but no ball return mechanism. Since the engine and steering gear are removed, this wheeled table doesn’t run on its own. But it can be used as a trailer so you can tow it anywhere you want to take it.


VW T1 Hippy Van

vw t1 samba


volkswagen pool table retro design


volkswagen pool table hippy van

The engine flap (behind the license plate holder) serves as an integrated storage area for billiard balls, cues, rack and other supplies. If you can’t see the VW logo in front, that is because it was inlaid on the front rail of the pool table. No one really knows who created this unique billiard table. But the current owner said that he purchased it from its previous owner for $8,200. It is currently displayed in his shop and is sometimes exhibited at automotive shows.

retro hippy van converted into billiard table


vw hippy van billiard features


classic hippy van billiard table

Source: Billiards Forum