40 Cats Who Thought Defying Their Owners Wasn’t Enough So They Defied The Laws Of Physics As Well

If somebody asks us what we love most about cats, it would take us forever to enumerate all the things. But to sum it all up, their cuteness, unpredictable behavior and flexibility are some of the things that make them the most amusing pet in the world (sorry dog lovers). Just watching them fall asleep in weird positions, stretch to infinity and beyond, or pull off an Oscar-worthy drama, any cat owner would attest that life with felines is full of surprises. Now, we have cats that defy the laws of physics to.

These cats have more tricks up their sleeve. So, if you think you have seen the weirdest of them then think again because owners aren’t the only thing they can defy. Amazingly, our feline friends can casually defy the laws of physics like it’s nothing. They can put themselves in positions that are sometimes totally improbable.


Cats Who Can Defy The Laws Of Physics

Defying gravity, bending the laws of mechanics and challenging the speed of light. This just proves that our beloved furballs aren’t subject to the boring laws of physics like the rest of us. If you happen to see your kitties in bizarre positions, they do it not because they’re broken. They’re just cats being cats.


“Schrödinger’s Cat”

But even the weirdest phenomenon can be explained by science. Felines are physically endowed with agility and flexibility to help them hunt their prey in the wild. Their flexibility allows them to stretch to ridiculous lengths and bend their bodies into various shapes and angles. They have curved, sharp claws to help them climb and grip onto surfaces with ease. All things considered, it appears that nature gave cats these anatomical gifts to help them defy the laws of physics.


“Who Needs Thumbs, When You’ve Got Things Handled”

People have been sharing photos of their cats who used their physics-defying potentials to the fullest. So, get ready to have your minds blown because these kitties are going to challenge your scientific knowledge.


“Is It Alien? I Can’t Find Any Other Explanation”


“Normally She Goes For Faucets… This Is New.”


Anti-Gravity Cats


“This Floating Kitty”


“PsBattle: This Cat Hanging From A Screen Door”


“Oh God, Turn The Gravity Back On!”


“Hope It Doesn’t Stain”


“This Picture Of My Kitten In His Cat Tree Always Makes Me Laugh”


“My Cat Defying Gravity”


“My Girlfriend And I’s Cat Is Full Of Adventure. Here’s Him Exploring The Ceiling/Top Of The Bathroom Door. (Also Have No Idea How He Fit, Let Alone Got Up There In The First Place)”


Feline Backrest


“Long Cat”


“Floating Mega-Cat”


“I Know Cats Like To Sleep In Weird Positions, But This Is Probably The Most Ridiculous”


“My Cat’s Balancing Act”


“Goodbye, Mufasa. I’m The King Now”


“My Kitty Having A Blast On His Favorite Chair”


“My Cat Is Not What You Would Call The Smartest Of Cats…”


The Persistence of Memory: Feline Edition


“This Is Tubbs. Tubbs Defies Gravity.”


“My Kitty, When She Realizes She’s Stuck”


“My Pet Sits In Unusual Places”


“Defying The Laws Of Gravity”


Liquid Kitty


“My Girlfriend’s Pet Doesn’t Believe In Gravity”


“My Boyfriend’s Kitty Likes To Sleep Against The Wall”


“My Kitty May Be Getting Too Fat”


“My Kitty Got Stuck Between The Glass Door And The Screen Door I’m Crying”


“This Goofball Hanging From Screen Door”




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