Blooming Tea Balls Are A Beautiful And Refreshing Way To Relax The Senses

Move over, chocolate bombs! Blooming tea balls are now our newest source of excitement in a steaming cup. Hot cocoa bombs have become a winter-favorite drink not just because of the warmth they provide but also for the fascinating visual display they present. In this era of social media, visual appeal has become a fundamental aspect in virtually everything. Apparently, this requisite also applies to food and drinks. Today, people don’t just make hot chocolates or lattes that look so plain. They make eye-catching beverages that look enticing enough to start a trend. And that’s exactly the case of the hot chocolate bomb craze.

While cocoa lovers continue to indulge in hot cocoa bombs, tea lovers have also found their newest favorite drink. But instead of an exploding surprise, these tea balls gracefully bloom into gorgeous flowers when soaked in hot water. In hot cocoa bombs, the hidden surprise inside the chocolate sphere also melts in hot water almost immediately. So, you only get about a couple of seconds to enjoy the spectacle. But with these flowering teas, the enchanting flower stays blossoming inside the cup for days. Giving you as much time as you want to admire its beauty.


Blooming Tea Balls

flowering teas

You may think tea balls have been just recently created to give hot cocoa bombs a worthy rival. But flowering teas have been around for centuries as documented by the early literature from the Chinese Song Dynasty (960-1279). As the name implies, flowering teas are bundled up balls of tea leaves and flowers that gently unfurl into a beautiful blossom as they steep in hot water. Hence, they are best enjoyed when brewed in a clear glass teapot or a transparent mug to view the spellbinding display.

blooming tea balls


blooming tea balls flower

To brew, fill a glass teapot or clear mug with hot water (preferably boiling). Gently place a tea ball in the teapot or mug. Watch as the tiny ball slowly sinks down to the bottom of the glass and elegantly transforms into a delicate flower. Allow the blossom to steep in hot water for a few minutes to get the full benefits of this healthy drink. You can take photos of it and show it off on Instagram as you wait. Another great thing about flowering teas is that they can be re-brewed a few more times over the next day or so. Transfer the flower into a different vessel and continue to savor the charming spectacle for several days. Just make sure you replenish with cold water daily.

giftable flowering teas


blooming tea balls blossom


flowering teas blossom

You can get these tea balls in a box of 4 or in a box of 8. They are available in 3 refreshing flavors including vanilla, strawberry lychee and rosemilk. You can also opt to add a personalized glitter name cutout on the boxes if you intend to give them as gifts. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I ordered this for my sister’s birthday and she absolutely loved it! My sister is a tea snob and said it was not only gorgeous, but the best quality tea she’s ever had!”

blooming tea balls gift box


flowering teas bloom


giftable blooming tea balls

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