Dunkin’ And Harpoon Have 3 New Beers Including Boston Kreme Donut

A donut and coffee a day keep the bad vibes away. Now, add some booze into the mix and everything becomes peppier. Dunkin’ and Harpoon continue to work together to fuse all the things we love together: donuts, coffee and alcohol. Last year, the collaboration gave birth to the popular Coffee Porter. This drink combines the taste of the donut brand’s Original Blend coffee and Harpoon’s famous craft beer.

So, this year, the collaboration is even more special because for the first time ever, Harpoon Brewery introduces three new beers infused with coffee and donuts. Yes, you read it right: donut flavor beers are now a thing! Of course, the fan-favorite Coffee Porter is returning this year in addition to the three new beers. The new offerings include the Pumpkin, Boston Kreme and Jelly Donut.


Launch New Coffee and Donut-Infused Beers

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The Harpoon Coffee Porter (6% ABV) features malty notes of chocolate, caramel and toffee to give the familiar smooth flavor of the chain’s Original Blend coffee. The Pumpkin (5.25 ABV) is a spiced latte ale with real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices mixed with coffee for an espresso-like brew. Brewed with real donuts and cacao nibs, the Boston Kreme (4.3% ABV) boasts dough-like and chocolatey notes similar to a creamy Dry Irish Stout. Lastly, the Jelly Donut (5.7% ABV) is a pale ale infused with real donuts and raspberry puree with notes of jelly and citrus.


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Since 2020 is some miraculous bull crap, who’s to say you can’t double fist a PSL and a new Dunkin Pumpkin ale in the morning LOL.. @dunkin is partnering up with @harpoonbrewery once again. This time for some new flavors. Harpoon Dunkin’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ale, Boston Kreme Stout, and Jelly Donut IPA, will join Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter on shelves this September and mark the first time beers have been brewed with actual donuts from Dunkin’. The descriptions are as follows::: Inspired by Dunkin’s fall pumpkin latte, new Spiced Latte Ale is brewed with pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices and a splash of coffee. Harpoon Dunkin’ Boston Kreme is brewed with Dunkin’ donuts and cacao nibs, which add extra dough-like and chocolatey notes to a creamy Dry Irish Stout. Harpoon Dunkin’ Jelly Donut is brewed with Dunkin’ donuts and raspberry puree. The slightly hazy IPA has bright notes of jelly and citrus from the addition of fruit-forward Hüll Melon and Citra hops. These all will hit stores that carry the Harpoon brand in September. They should sell this at Dunkin, so we can kill two Birds with one stone?????? Double fisting your PSL???? News & Image @dunkin x @harpoonbrewery ??

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“After more than two years and three seasons of collaborating with the Dunkin’ team, our fans have come to expect a delicious fall beer from us, but we wanted to give them something extra special this year,” Dan Kenary, Harpoon CEO and cofounder, said in a press release. “Our brewers have always been master innovators, but brewing beer made with real donuts was a first even for them.”

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Harpoon – Dunkin' Coffee Porter – 6%
A handful of darker specialty malts and a touch of oats to give it a rich, chocolatey backbone with light notes of toffee and vanilla. After fermentation, the finished beer is then blended with a significant amount of Dunkin’s espresso blend cold brew to add extra layers of rich, roasty character.
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So, the returning Coffee Porter and the three new beers will be available on draft and in bottled 6-packs. All four flavors are also in a limited release mix pack which includes three cans of each beer flavor.


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If you haven’t heard yet, @harpoonbrewery has had great success with their @dunkin collab over the past 2 years so they’re doubling down. Actually, quadrupling down. Here’s some description of the beers that USE REAL DONUTS! . Harpoon Dunkin’ Pumpkin – This “Spiced Latte Ale” is brewed with real pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices, and a splash of coffee. Light in color and easy-drinking with just a touch of espresso-like roast! ABV: 5.2% . Harpoon Dunkin’ Boston Kreme – This “Boston Kreme Stout” is brewed with real Dunkin’ donuts and cacao nibs, for an easy-drinking, creamy Dry Irish Stout. ABV: 4.3% . Harpoon Dunkin’ Jelly Donut – Brewed with real Dunkin’ donuts and raspberry purée, this slightly hazy IPA has bright notes of jelly and citrus from the addition of fruit-forward Hüll Melon and Citra hops. ABV: 5.7% . Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter – A classic American Porter with malty notes of chocolate, caramel, and toffee with the comforting and familiar flavor of Dunkin’ Original Blend coffee. ABV: 6.0% . . #yummy #coffee #dunkin #donuts #yas #dadbod #dadbodsnacks #donutbeer #beer #craftbeer #morning #porter #stout #pumpkin #psl #pumpkinspice #pumpkinszn #explorepage #ootd #foodie #beerdrinker #foodblogger

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Starting in September, you will be able to find these limited-edition releases everywhere where Harpoon is sold. You can use the store locator here to help you find the nearest location that have them.