This Reusable Stainless Steel Drinking Straw Can Collapse Away For Easy Storage

Enjoy your favorite drinks while saving the environment by using this portable reusable drinking straw. Drinking straws are typically made of plastic and are intended for single use. In the US alone, there are around 500 million plastic straws used every day. Since plastic straws are non-biodegradable, they often end up in landfill sites. Over time, these plastic straws break into smaller pieces as they release hazardous chemicals into the soil, air and water. And because they are small and lightweight, tons of plastic straws regularly flow into the ocean every day, polluting the water and eventually killing marine life.

Enter reusable straws to save the day. The use of eco-friendly alternatives has indeed made it easier to make the change to a waste-free lifestyle. With a drinking straw that you can reuse for years, it significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste that potentially could have ended up in landfills and oceans. Most of these eco-friendly alternatives are made from stainless steel. Although these sturdy straws are virtually unbreakable, they’re not size-adjustable. And due to its high thermal conductivity, it’s actually not recommended to use on hot beverages.


The Stainless Steel Portable Reusable Drinking Straw

stainless steel portable reusable drinking straw

Silicone drinking straws were then introduced as an alternative to these. Unlike metal straws, these bendy and soft alternatives can be cut down to size if needed. Additionally, silicone is heat-resistant which makes it ideal for both cold and hot drinks. However, silicone easily absorbs scents and flavor, that’s why many people claim to discern a residual aftertaste with them. After sipping iced coffee, for example, the flavor and scent of coffee seem to stick. So, the next time you use it to drink orange juice for instance, you’re likely to taste a hint of coffee in every sip. Not to mention, silicone is also a magnet for oils which makes it a bit tricky to clean.

flyby resip straw hot pink

Many alternatives were then developed to solve these issues. There’s the one made from bamboo and the one made from hays. But both of these biodegradable alternatives often give a distinct earthy flavor that some people may find unpalatable. With all these things considered, it has been proven that stainless steel is still the most suitable material for reusable drinking straws. Other than the fact that the material conducts heat and is not size-adjustable, it could have been basically perfect. Well, guess what? It seems like all of these issues have been solved thanks to this stainless steel portable reusable drinking straw with a collapsible design.


flyby resip straw silver


Comes With A Silicone Tip

portable reusable drinking straw stainless steel

Made from premium food-grade 304 stainless steel, this reusable drinking straw is a durable product that can virtually last a lifetime. Hence, you’re practically saving the planet from thousands of plastic straws that you might potentially use throughout your life. Unlike other reusable straws, stainless steel doesn’t leave any residual scent or flavor. So, you’ll get to enjoy your beverages without any strange flavors mixing into every sip.

flyby resip straw gradient purple teal


flyby resip straw telescopic design

But what if we want to adjust the length of the straw, you might ask? Consider that problem solved because this utensil features a collapsible design to let you adjust it to 3 different lengths. In its shortest length, it measures 3.9 inches long. At full length, it measures 9 inches long. But how about the high thermal conductivity, you may ask again? Don’t worry, this stainless steel portable reusable drinking straw comes with a silicone tip to save your lips from scalding hot coffee. So, now you can use it for both chilled and hot drinks.

portable reusable drinking straw pink


flyby resip straw adjustable length


portable reusable drinking straw eco-friendly


The Straws Are Available In Lots Of Different Colors To

In addition to the silicone tip, this portable reusable dinking straw also comes with an extra-long scrub brush to let you clean the inside of this telescopic utensil easily. All of the straws come in a sleek aluminum case with keychain hook. So, you can attach it to your bag or belt and bring it anywhere you go. The stainless steel straw comes in rainbow and chrome finishes and the aluminum case is available in a wide range of colors including light blue, gold, pink, purple, silver, teal and more. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I love that this straw is telescoping. I can use it in tall glasses or short. It fits nicely in its little case and makes it easy to slip in your purse. I like the silicone tip which makes it more comfortable than straight-up metal. Easy to run water through and give it a scrub before putting it back into the case.”

portable reusable drinking telescopic brush


portable reusable drinking straw keychain


flyby resip straw stainless steel

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