‘Phone Prisons’ Are The New Trend That Gets Everyone Talking Instead Of Texting

Set your family and friends free from mobile phone addiction by locking up their gadgets inside these phone vaults. Technological advancements have pros and cons. Phones and other gadgets, for example, have made our lives more convenient and enjoyable. Consequently, people have been spending too much time on their mobile devices. Today, family members rarely speak to one another because they are too hooked on their phones.

This has been a frustrating problem for some of us who can’t have a decent dinner because people around us can’t even lift their heads from their gadgets. It’s about time that we put an end to this, especially now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up.


phone vaults


Needless to say, we want everyone around the dinner table to focus on the occasion and talk to each other. Sometimes that can only be possible if we take away all phones. Then lock their devices up in a jail until the occasion is over. Problem solved! These phone vaults are here for this very reason. This tiny prison can hold up to 6 phones or other mobile gadgets at once. It comes with a padlock with a secure tamper proof design. Along with two keys to ensure that you’re the only one who can get into the cell jail.


tabletop gadget prison


party fun


phone vaults outdoor party


mobile phone jail assembly


These phone vaults are made of durable plastic and can also be used in classrooms and outdoor gatherings. You can also use these cell jails to keep your chocolates and other expensive treats safe from the hands of your sneaky roommates. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I love this phone jail, it’s good quality and durable [and] very easy to assemble. It came with a lock and key. I use this to lock my children’s phone during their homework time or when I have a party at my house. I’m happy with my purchase.”

phone vaults classroom


 family dinner


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Get the phone vault here and bring back the good ‘ol times of having face to face conversations around the dinner table. It can also make an ideal gift for those who are looking for a way to control their children’s access to the mobile gadgets.