13 Tweets To Prove That Teachers Are Weird


When you’re a little kid you think that teachers, and other grownups, are all sensible, rational people who do stuff like knitting and sudoku in their spare time. However, as you get older, you realize that teachers are human too, and they’re just as odd as the rest of us! Some are better than hiding it than others, though, and we bet you’ve had one or two standout examples of bizarre teachers over the years. To share their own stories, people took to Twitter using the hashtag #MyTeacherIsWeird, and we’ve collected some of the funniest. So, check out these thirteen Tweets to prove that teachers are weird! 



Weird teachers say exactly what’s on their mind.


Weird teachers are never too old to pull pranks.


Weird teachers play dress-up.


Weird teachers use mowing as a unit of time.


Weird teachers can’t resist a good pun.


Weird teachers find humor in odd situations.


Weird teachers draw attention to the futility of life.


Weird teachers force students to have rap battles with them.


Weird teachers get students to do their chores.


Weird teachers cut class, too.


Weird teachers get freaked out when a Muslim student makes a clock.


Weird teachers can’t take compliments like a regular human being.


Weird teachers have a strange sense of humor.

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