The Queen Wore A Green Dress For Her Speech And Photoshoppers Have Been Quick To Edit

The number of coronavirus cases and death toll continue to rise in the UK. Apparently, the pandemic has caused fear and panic to over 55 million people in the United Kingdom. On April 5th, the Queen of United Kingdom delivered a message of hope addressed to the whole country on TV. In a rare televised speech, the 93-year-old monarch encouraged everyone to come together and help each other. She also acknowledged the key workers who are working nonstop to protect the people from the contagious disease. And to further acknowledge the health care workers, Queen Elizabeth II wore a green dress. As you might have known, the color green is associated with medical and health care workers.

The inspiring message by the Queen of the United Kingdom uplifted the gloomy spirits of the British people. Every word gave a spark of hope and the assurance that the country will succeed this pandemic crisis. But her heartwarming words weren’t the only thing that caught people’s attention. Photoshoppers, in particular, saw something more on the monarch’s green dress. The turquoise green dress, apart from being a tribute to the medical workforce, gave Photoshoppers the perfect medium for their editing skills.


The green dress worn by the Queen became a green screen medium for Photoshoppers

In Photoshop and other photo-editing apps, a green screen is usually used to easily replace the plain background with almost anything. So when Peter Chiykowski saw the Queen on TV with her green dress, he immediately called it the ‘perfect Photoshop bait’. The green dress would make it easy to make memes by replacing the solid color with any background. Peter started off by replacing the plain green by a galaxy cat background and shared his creation on his Twitter page.

Of course, some people were not amused by the Queen memes and even called him disrespectful. But his fellow memesters quickly came to his aid. Not long after, several versions of the ‘royal green dress’ memes keep shooting up in the thread. Submissions keep on piling up and the barrage of memes became unstoppable.


“If your joke or a nice sentiment can find someone anxious and make them calm, or find someone lonely and remind them that they’re not alone,” said Peter, “then a meme is doing more good for the world than a painting in a fancy gallery.”

Take a look at the funniest memes from the thread showing the Queen with her Photoshopped dress