Mellower Coffee In Shanghai Serves Coffee With A Floating Cotton Candy Cloud That Rains Sugar

Brace yourselves because there’s a new coffee craze on Instagram right now. Cafes offering creative latte arts are almost everywhere. Because of this trend, coffee has become a canvas for artistic baristas to show their creativity. From the basic heart shapes to more elaborate paintings, latte art is indeed climbing up a notch. Seems like anything goes in creating shapes out of the milk froth. But a Chinese café has a different take on coffee art that involves the use of sugar instead of the latte foam. Mellower Coffee introduces Sweet Little Rain, and this genius creation is currently taking over Instagram.

Why is Sweet Little Rain so popular nowadays? When you order this, you’ll get a cup of Americano coffee together with a white cotton candy. Surprisingly, the cotton candy is held by a metal pillar to suspend the fluffy sugar above the hot coffee. But that’s not the best part yet. Wait till the steam of the coffee melts the cotton candy above it. You’ll see sugar drippings coming down from the floating ‘cloud’ and into the coffee. As a result, it looks like you’re getting a tiny storm of sugar rain directly into your mug.

sweet little rain mellower coffee
Parsa Rahime | Instagram


sweet little rain instagram
Mellower Coffee SG


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Eva KY | Instagram


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Ayu | Instagram

Sweet Little Rain is definitely the star of Instagram right now. Unfortunately, Mellower Coffee shops are only located in China, Singapore, and South Korea. And the rest of the world will have to satisfy their cravings with these dreamy photos of this marvelous concoction. Follow the #sweetlittlerain hashtag on Instagram to see more photos of the popular Sweet Little Rain.

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Tsukoks | Instagram


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Meei Yan | Instagram


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Chibi Nasso | Instagram


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