This Burger Holder Is The Solution To Minimal Mess

Hungry? A stuffed burger would be the easy fix. While most of us crave for juicy burgers with more fixings, we all know the mess that also comes with them. Messy burgers will now become a thing of the past because this ingenious burger holder is here to save the day. Let’s admit it, there’s just no graceful way to eat a fully-loaded sandwich. Every time you take a bite, juices and sauces start dripping down while the fixings dribble all over the place.

The Burger Buddy is a flexible holder that lets you enjoy your favorite sandwich without the mess. It is designed to hold and keep your snack intact as you take a bite. No more drippings of sauces on your shirt and fillings dropping out. This hygienic solution reduces hands-on contact with the food to prevent germs from spreading and having greasy fingers. Simply place the sandwich in it and enjoy a mess-free eating experience.


Elastic And Hygienic Burger Holder

burger buddy burger holder

This burger holder is made of elastic material that can be expanded to fit burger of any size. The elastic gussets firmly hold the lower part of the bun in place by compressive force. So all the sauces, juices, fillings, and fixings stay in place as you take a bite. Since it is made of flexible material, you can push or squeeze the bottom part to expose the last part of your food without making unnecessary hand contact.

messy sandwich solution


burger buddy expandable


elastic self-balancing burger holder


hygienic burger holder

What’s more, this burger holder feature a self-balancing design that lets you place it on any flat surface. Since it minimizes drippings and mess, there would be no need for excessive napkins to clean up the mess. Plus, it comes in four different colors to match your mood. Not just for sandwiches, it can be used to hold bagels, doughnuts, pies, ice cream, and more.

burger holder different colors


burger buddy uses


self-balancing burger holder


burger holder mess-free eating


mess-free sandwich eating

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Watch the Burger Buddy in action on the video below