These Doctored Oreos Are Miniature Works Of Art


Ah, the humble Oreo cookie. Barring any major food intolerances, you've probably eaten enough to fill a compact car over the years. Now, we know that grownups always told us never to play with our food, but what if you're creating gorgeous miniature works of art with it? Does that still count? Food artist Tisha Cherry manages to recreate a range of classic works of art using the cookie parts of Oreos as her canvas and the cream as her paint… and all using a toothpick as a paint brush! If you're wondering how she gets so many colors to work with, she saves up limited edition flavors with crazy colored cream throughout the year, and then mixes them to create new colors, if needed. If you want to see more of Cherry's awesome work, her 'Instagram' page is swimming with all kinds of fun food art to enjoy.

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We're hugely impressed with Cherry's talent, but what do you think? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts!

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